Why review?

I love fan mail, and in the last few weeks, I’ve gotten some wonderful messages from people who really enjoyed Restless. Thank you so much!

I usually respond by reminding readers to stop by Amazon and/or Goodreads and leave me a review. The other day, someone responded, “Why? No one cares what I think about books.”

Au contraire, my friend! Reviews are essential to all writers, and they are especially important now, in the age of ebooks.  Readers go to sites like Amazon, Smashwords, BN and Goodreads looking for a book to download. They can’t pick up a physical object, skim through it and get sense of its value.  Most people judge by the cover, glance at the blurb and then skim down the reviews. Those few lines left by previous readers can make or break a sale.

So how can YOU help? It’s pretty simple. When you read a book–whether it’s mine or any other author’s–go to the author’s page on Amazon and leave a review.  It doesn’t have to be an in-depth analysis of the meaning, the plot or the characters; you can simply say that you liked it (or didn’t) and one reason why.

And while you’re there, read through the other reviews.  If you agree, hit ‘yes’ at the end.  If you don’t, hit ‘no’.  This will bring the most accurate reviews to the top of the page and keep the less helpful ones to the bottom.

Thank you so much for every kind word, every recommendation and referral. It really does make a huge difference!

Peace, love and romance~

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