Dancing in the Dark-PREORDER


It’s reunion time for the Crystal Cove High Class of 1989, and romance is in the air.

Second chances, surprise loves, secret crushes . . . it’s all here set against a totally rad mix tape playlist that will take you back to the days of legwarmers, neon hues, and Aquanet-sprayed hair.

Take on me, and let’s dance and JUMP, all night long! Let’s go crazy . . . for romance with a nostalgic twist that will take your breath away.

He’s loved her forever. She can’t trust that love can last. This high school reunion might change everything.

Nash had a huge crush on Peyton when they were in high school, but back then, she had a steady boyfriend–and a big secret. When the two meet again at their high school reunion, the sparks they ignored all those years ago can’t be denied. But can they get beyond the past to build a forever together?

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Peace, love and romance~