Be My Valentine in a Small Town

Come back to Burton, and fall in love in a small town all year long . . .

Eleven holiday-themed, stand-alone romances that take place in Burton, Georgia, the small town that’s big on romance!


When my agent arranges a fake engagement for me with Matt Westin, the hot new country singer, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. He needs the publicity, and as an actress on the verge of making it big, I need to be seen in a stable relationship. But when we visit his hometown for Valentine’s Day, suddenly I find myself wishing Matt’s feelings and passionate words were the real deal.


I’ve known love, and I’ve known heartbreak. I don’t recommend either. But my publicity firm wants me to have a serious girlfriend to go with my love songs, so I’m in the middle of a phony and temporary engagement. It’s actually not a bad deal: Alex is fun, and spending time with her isn’t a hardship.

Until we go back to my hometown so I can play a Valentine’s Day show . . . and everything I’ve been pretending feels all too genuine.

A Year of Love in a Small Town is a grouping of stand-alone, small-town steamy romances. While the books all take place in Burton, the setting of the Love in a Small Town series, they can be read without having enjoyed the other series. 

Peace, love and romance~