Tessa Kent

Welcome to the steamy side of love . . .

In the beginning, I wrote young adult. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

After I published my fourth book, I felt strongly called to write an adult romance. I hadn’t thought through how adult this might be . . . but when Jude and Logan finally hit the sheets, I couldn’t shut the door. It turned out I like writing the heat!

Some of my books are sexier than others, and the ones that are really sizzling–those are the ones Tessa writes.

Tessa’s world includes the Good Vibrations books, Caroline and Tom’s story, which is set in the mid-1960’s . . . the Small Town Swingers serial, the Third Date Rule books and the Tiny Bit Taboo books.

Enjoy them all!


Caroline’s failed marriage wasn’t her fault–the blame for that falls squarely on her neglectful, cheating husband–but she still has to deal with the fall-out, including her embarrassed family and all the men who now think she’s hot-to-trot.

When the offer of a beach vacation comes her way, she jumps at it: two weeks by herself in the sun and sand is just what she needs.

Meeting a handsome soldier who’s about to go overseas isn’t in her plans, but Caroline is drawn to Tom as soon as she sees him. In his arms, she learns more about passion than she could ever imagine.

Just one night with him will change her forever.

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When Tessa moves to a small town in rural Georgia with her boyfriend Philip, she doesn’t have grand expectations. To her, living in the heart of the south means hillbillies, hunting dogs and humidity. And Philip’s not exactly behaving like Prince Charming anymore, either; he’s making her second-guess everything about their life together.

Enter the Small Town Swingers, a group of men and women who’ve found an intriguing way to entertain themselves–and each other–on the long, hot nights. While Philip’s eager to join in the fun, Tessa’s not sure about some of their rules . . until she encounters a mysterious man whose touch and whispered promises bring her more pleasure than she’s ever known.

Only problem is, she hasn’t seen his face; he could be anyone. Tessa will have to play along with the Swingers to uncover the identity of the guy who rocked her world. On the way, she just might discover more about her own desires than she ever dreamed.

Welcome to Paradise.

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Paige and Jackson

When we were in high school together, I had a huge crush on Jackson Carter. He never even knew I existed.

Fast forward seven years, and guess who’s back in our hometown? Yep. And he’s even hotter than ever. What’s more, now he’s noticed me.

When my best friend sets me up with Jackson, I know the sparks are going to fly. But I’m also determined to stick to my third date rule: no nookie until we’ve gone out on three real dates.

Can I hold out that long, when this guy is everything I ever desired? And will Jackson think I’m worth the wait?

Time to find out.


Natalie and Graham

Graham Holt, the hottest dude in the world, just moved in next door to my mom.

Seriously. Drool-worthy muscles, panty-melting green eyes, and—wait for it—dimples. I mean, how is that even fair, for one guy to be so sexy?

He’s been pestering me for a date since the day we met, but I don’t have time to mess around. When I finally do say yes, the joke’s on him, because I’ve decided to employ my best friend’s infamous third date rule: no nookie before we’ve gone out three times.

The question is . . . can I stick to my own principles? Or will Graham convince me that rules were made to be broken?

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Are you ready to be just a little naughty?

These sassy, sexy women aren’t bad girls . . . but they’re tired of playing nice. And when the right man comes along, they’re ready to bend the rules, even if the guy in question might be just the slightest bit off-limits.

A tiny bit taboo.

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Peace, love and romance~