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July 6th

Make Me See Fireworks in a Small Town

Come back to Burton, and fall in love in a small town all year long . . .

Eleven holiday-themed, stand-alone romances that take place in Burton, Georgia, the small town that’s big on romance!


Two years ago, I learned that my husband was unfaithful when he died in his mistress’s bed. At that moment, I vowed that I would never trust another man. And then I hire Nick Howell to fix my sagging porch in time for an Independence Day party . . . and even though I try my best to resist, his sexy swagger and steadfast eyes are tempting me to risk it all again . . .


When Inge Martin hires me for a rush job on her porch, I never expect it to be any more than a quick payday that my handyman business desperately needs. But there’s something about this woman . . . the way she never takes crap from me, her sassy comebacks and the flashes of vulnerability when I least expect them . . . that make me want to find more excuses to be with her.

When the fireworks fly this year, I’m ready to renounce my independence.

A Year of Love in a Small Town is a grouping of stand-alone, small-town steamy romances. While the books all take place in Burton, the setting of the Love in a Small Town series, they can be read without having enjoyed the other series. 

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Peace, love and romance~