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The Career Soldier: West Point Tour of Duty Trilogy

The Mustang


Look, I don’t need a psychologist to tell me why I am the way I am. I grew up with a mom who was forever chasing her happily-ever-after, never considering the cost to herself–or to me. That’s why I’m not interested in fairy tales or in finding some elusive prince charming to solve all of my problems.

Until I meet him in the bar where I work. One night of fun somehow begins to mean more, and it is scares the crap out of me.


I joined the Army to get out of the dead-end world where I’d grown-up. I never dreamed I’d love it enough to make it my career, but now here I am, an officer, stationed at West Point, leading a company of soldiers. What started as an escape has become my passion–and it’s one that doesn’t have space for anything–or anyone–else.

Until I meet her at my buddy’s bachelor party. I think I’m indulging in one meaningless night, but I can’t stop thinking about her. Remembering her. Wanting her.

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The Rotorhead


The last thing I wanted was to move back in with my father, the hard-ass who raised me in the same strict military style that he ran every platoon, company and battalion he led. But thanks to some of my, uh, ‘life choices’, I’m living with my dad at West Point–and everyone knows me as the commandant’s wild daughter. I hate it.

Until I meet him one night at a party off-post. Sure, he’s a little too straight and serious for me, but still . . . he might be the one addiction that I can’t quit.


I’m an Army helicopter pilot. It’s my life, my dream and everything I ever wanted. Being stationed at West Point is fine for now, but I see it as a stepping stone for my next big move. When the commandant asks me to keep my eye on his out-of-control daughter, I agree to do it. I’ll do anything to keep advancing my career.

Until I meet her. Running into her at that party isn’t as random as she thinks, but pretty soon, I find it hard to remember the real reason I’m spending time with her . . . I just know I can’t stop.

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The Shavetail


For two long years, I’ve been silently and hopelessly in love with a guy who doesn’t see me as anything but a casual friend. I stood by and watched as he found a woman to love–and as she dumped him the day before their wedding. I haven’t given him even a hint about my true feelings.

Until the day he asked me to be his pretend girlfriend. Now that he needs me, I finally have the chance I’ve been longing for–to show him how perfect we can be together.


My life was perfect. I was about to graduate from West Point and marry the most beautiful girl in the world all in the same day, then launch my career as a brand-new second lieutenant. When my fiancee dumped me, I thought I’d lost everything. I didn’t know how to go on.

Until the day I panicked and asked my friend to be my fake girlfriend. She saved my ass, and now I find myself looking for reasons to keep her close . . . because it turns out I don’t want to let her go.

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Diagnosis: Love

A Medical Romance Trilogy

Book 1 Releasing July 21st!

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He’s science and tradition. I’m nature and new age. We clash at every turn.

I moved to the tiny town of Harper Springs, Florida, to escape my family’s influence. I was meant to make a difference for cancer patients at St. Agnes Hospital. Things looked promising… until I met Dr. Deacon Girard.
He’s arrogant and stubborn, disagreeing with me even when he knows I’m right. How can such a caring and dedicated doctor be so inflexible? Nevertheless, I can’t seem to get him out of my head… or my dreams.

I just can’t figure Emma Carson out. The patients love her and she’s making a huge difference in their recovery. So what’s the problem? Why do I go out of my way to argue with her constantly?

And though I’m strongly attracted to her, my willpower is a constant tug-o-war between pushing her away and making her mine. I’ve worked too long and too hard to let her distract me. I refuse to get tangled up with Emma—except everything inside me wants to do just that.

Peace, love and romance~