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The Anti-Cinderella Gets Crowned: A Royal Romance Novella

Anticipated Release Date: May 4th

It’s a big day for Britain’s Royal Family . . .

It’s weird to be part of a family where the death of a beloved member means a huge international ceremony as the heir officially takes over.

It’s even weirder when a new monarch means big changes for my own little family.

I thought that after being a duchess and princess-by-marriage for over five years, I was ready for anything that came my way. But I wasn’t prepared to lose our Queen, our beloved Granny–and I definitely didn’t expect how my world would turn upside down when the King hints at drastic shifts in how the family works.

On Coronation Day, I’m filled with apprehension and worry about the future. Nicky and I have some major decisions to make . . . and those choices could mean this Anti-Cinderella’s world is about to turn upside down.








A Dozen Dreams:

An Enemies to Lovers, Grumpy/Sunshine Romance

Anticipated Release Date: August 29th

Cover Coming Soon!!

When I landed a highly sought-after internship following grad school, I thought I was launching my dream career. Eighteen months later, that dream had become a nightmare, and I was a fragile shell of a woman. Only the love and support of my best friend, who just happens to be married to a British prince, saved my life and sanity–and helped me find a fresh start.

Starting over means working as an assistant farm manager in Florida for Levi, a boss who is generously described as a surly grump, a guy whose attitude toward me borders on hostile.

Sure, Levi’s hot in a sort of gruff, sexy-farmer way. But it doesn’t matter, because we are total opposites. Even if I would ever consider falling for him, I know that he doesn’t see me as anything but a necessary nuisance.

And I’d never lose my heart again to a man like Levi.



Peace, love and romance~