Reading List


All of the books in my paranormal series are connected, though they can easily be read on their own. Rafe Brooks, Nell Massler and Cathryn Whitmore appear in all three of the series. While the shorts aren’t necessarily integral to the overall plot arc, they do explain more and would definitely enhance your reading!

The King Series





The King Series Box Set


The Serendipity Books



The Shadow Bells (Serendipity Short)

Unforgettable (Serendipity/Recipe For Death Crossover Short in “It’s a Ghoul Thing” Anthology)


Recipe for Death Series

Stardust on the Sea (A Recipe for Death Short)

Death Fricassee

Death A La Mode


Contemporary Romance

The Crystal Cove Series, The One Trilogy and The Always Love Trilogy are all connected. Characters from Crystal Cove, Florida, pop up in Burton, Georgia and vice versa. And if you read closely, you might even find a connection between Ava in The Perfect Dish Series and Jude in Crystal Cove.

The Crystal Cove Series

The Posse

The Plan

The Path

Underneath My Christmas Tree  (A Crystal Cove/Always Love Crossover Short in 12 Christmas Romances to Melt Your Heart)


The One Series

The Last One

The First One

The Only One

The One Trilogy Box Set (includes The Perfect One, A One Trilogy Short)


The Always Love Series

Always For You

Always My Own

Always My Love


The Perfect Dish Series

Best Served Cold

Just Desserts

I Choose You


How do all the Burton and Crystal Cove books fit together?

In what order should you read them?

All of these books stand alone, but you will definitely find your reading experience enriched by following this time line:
  1. The Posse (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  2. The Last One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  3. The First One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  4. The Only One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  5. The Plan (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  6. The Perfect One (A Burton/Crystal Cove Short, ONLY in THE ONE Trilogy Box Set)
  7. The Path (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  8. Always For You (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  9. Underneath My Christmas Tree (A Burton/Crystal Cove Short)
  10. Always My Own (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  11. My One and Always (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  12. Always Our Love (A Small Town Georgia Romance)



Peace, love and romance~