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The Only One

The One Trilogy Book 3 releases April 7th!

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Age of Aquarius Exclusive Preview!


It was the Summer of Love. But in the midst of peace and flower power, a group of hippies unleash an unspeakable horror that will threaten the future of the planet . . .

The King Series.

The Serendipity Series.

Recipe for Death Series.

Every battle. Every win. Every loss.  All the intrigue, pain and mystery . . . it all leads here.

In the ultimate fight against an ancient and powerful evil, Carruthers agents join with old friends as well as new allies to save the world.

Tasmyn and Michael, Nell and Rafe, Jackie and Lucas—and of course, Cathryn Whitmore—all of them will risk their lives and futures to stop the dreaded Hive.

Some will live. Some will die. None of them will ever be the same.

Redeem yesterday. Survive today. Save tomorrow.

Tomorrow Dawns on April 7th. Preorder here.


As much as I hated to admit it, Seamus had been right. The nap, which had stretched to two solid hours thanks to what Seamus claimed was his inability to figure out how to set the alarm correctly, invigorated me and gave me a clearer mind.

“My time’s all off, though,” I complained to him as we dressed. “Right now, it’s seven o’clock here, but since we were up all night driving, and then slept today, it feels as though it should be morning. Of course, my body thinks it’s ten o’clock, since that’s the time on the East Coast.”

“Think of Daeglan and Cill and me, grappling with the extra change in time as well. In Ireland, it’s smack in the middle of the night just now.” He had pulled a heather gray Henley over his head and was rolling up the sleeves. “I don’t know if I’m coming or going at this point.”

“True,” I sighed. “Well, we’ll get this talk over with tonight, and then we can go to bed for a real night’s sleep. Won’t that be wonderful?”

“It will, and you’ll be all the more relaxed for having this part over with.” He winked at me. “Now shall we go down then? You don’t want to keep your audience waiting.”

I made a rude face at him and might have said more, if we hadn’t heard a knock at the door. I could feel Veronica’s now-familiar signature, and I called for her to come in.

“Did you sleep?” she asked immediately, peering into my face as though the answer to her question lay there. I tried to remember that she’d spent centuries essentially alone, having sacrificed her right to be with her own beloved family when she had given her life for them by becoming a vampire. She looked at me as a surrogate granddaughter of sorts, and although I was still cautious with her, I allowed her to fuss over me . . . within reason.

“I did. We got a couple of hours of rest.” I paused before adding, “This room is beautiful, Veronica. Thank you for making it perfect for us.”

She beamed. “I hoped it would be, and I’m glad you like it.” She looked as though she might have said more before giving her head a little shake. “I’m sorry to interrupt you now, but I’ve just gotten word via my secure network that your necroloquitar has arrived in the city. I’d like to send a group in to retrieve her.”

I sighed and rolled my shoulders. “We were just about to have our meeting and lay out the plan. But it’s probably a better idea to wait until Julia’s here, too, anyway. All right, let’s send Rafe and Lucas out to bring her in. Oh, and maybe Nell would go, too, just to provide some protection if they need it.”

“Good thinking.” Veronica nodded. “I have a brand-new car that’s registered to one of my dummy corporations in the garage, so they can take that. I don’t think anyone wants to try to maneuver that goliath RV around the sharp turns and hills of San Francisco. Julia’s waiting at a bar in Haight-Ashbury.”

“All right. Will you give them the information they need and ask them to head out? If they don’t hit too much traffic, we could still gather tonight, so I can at least introduce the basics of the plan.”

“Of course.” Veronica patted my cheek. “I’ll take care of it, darling.”

Seamus closed the door behind her retreating back. “A little reprieve, then. Is this the last of our noble band?”

“It should be. Marica and Nicoleta are here, and the rest of us traveled together. Oh, there’s Joss . . . we need to reconstitute her, or whatever it is they’d like to call it. I think Lucas says we’ll bring forth her essence from its containment.” I snorted. “I shouldn’t have sent Nell with the boys, I guess. We need to her power to make Joss viable here.”

“What about the other witch? The one who brought her husband and her mother-in-law?” Seamus cocked his head.

“Tasmyn?” I hesitated. “I’m not sure. She has the power to do it, but she’s so timid about using it. When I spoke to her in King about joining us, she told me that she’d been keeping up with her training, working with Aline—she’s part of one of the gifted families in King, and she uses her empathy in her job as a therapist. And yes, I checked with Aline, and she assured me that Tasmyn would be an asset. But . . . I don’t know. Maybe it’s being around Nell and Rafe again that’s making her more afraid of accessing the power. But she’s got to figure out a way around it, or she won’t be able help to us at all.”

“It could be that asking her to help with this Joss business is exactly what she might need to help her boost that confidence. It’s not a dangerous spell, is it? I’d have her give it a go.”

“You might have something there.” I was beginning to discover an additional benefit to having a partner—I wasn’t quite ready to call Seamus my boyfriend yet, though he was undoubtedly that. Having another brain at my disposal gave me another point of view and helped me to think beyond my own limited scope.

“Look at that. I seem to have found a little value for myself.” He was grinning mischievously, but I wondered if there weren’t some underlying truth beneath the tease.

“Seamus, you are invaluable to me.” I wrapped one arm around his waist and cupped his cheek with my other hand. “Never think otherwise. And it’s not only for your grand ideas. You make me a better person, and you bring me . . .” I searched for the right word. “Peace. And some measure of joy, too, even under the worst circumstances.”


Coming April 7th: Age of Aquarius


It was the Summer of Love. But in the midst of peace and flower power, a group of hippies unleash an unspeakable horror that will threaten the future of the planet . . .

The King Series.

The Serendipity Series.

Recipe for Death Series.

Every battle. Every win. Every loss.  All the intrigue, pain and mystery . . . it all leads here.

In the ultimate fight against an ancient and powerful evil, Carruthers agents join with old friends as well as new allies to save the world.

Tasmyn and Michael, Nell and Rafe, Jackie and Lucas—and of course, Cathryn Whitmore—all of them will risk their lives and futures to stop the dreaded Hive.

Some will live. Some will die. None of them will ever be the same.

Redeem yesterday. Survive today. Save tomorrow.


A little preview featuring Daeglan and Sionnach . . .

I held her against me, stroking her russet curls with one reverent hand. “That was the perfect way to begin a day like this. But we’ll need to get up and moving soon. The car’s coming at nine to drive us to Harper Creek.”

I’d expected her to groan or roll away, but instead, Sionnach snuggled closer to me. “And so it begins.”

“It does.” I drew small circles on her back with one finger. “But think, you’ll meet Seamus. And you can get to know Cillian, now that you’re both more awake.”

“Those are both good points. But I’m also going to have to deal with all the Carruthers people and whoever else might be there. Do you know how many I should expect?”

I could feel her tension, and I tried to ease it, bending my neck to kiss the top of her head as I listed those I knew would be present. “Rafe, the mind manipulator. Nell, the witch. Veronica, the vampire. Zoe, the—”

“I know Zoe,” Sionnach interrupted. “I had the pleasure when I worked with Carruthers. She was all right, I guess.”

“Other than those, I believe there’s a guy who’s half death broker, half vampire . . . oh, and a necroloquitar.” I was proud of being able to pronounce the term.

“Ooooh, a death talker. I’ve never met one of those. Cool beans.” She let out a long breath and pushed to sit up. “All right. I’m going to play the girl card and call dibs on the shower.”

“Go right ahead.” I snagged her hand and turned it over to kiss the palm. “For the record, I never mind you playing the girl card, as I’m quite grateful that you are one.”

The expression in her eyes was unfathomable as she looked down at me. “That’s quite an advantage you just gave me there, Irish. I might use it against you.”

I linked our fingers together. “You won’t hear me complain, mo mhuirnín. In case you didn’t know it, you already have me at a disadvantage, just by batting your eyes. I’m your willing slave.”

Although I couldn’t be sure, I thought perhaps I caught a glimmer of surprise on her face before she tugged her hand away and patted me on the shoulder. “And don’t think I’m going to forget it.”

Preorder your copy exclusively on iBooks!

You can read more about Daeglan and Sionnach in their Hotel Paranormal novella

The Fox’s Wager

Available now at all retailers.


Save Tomorrow!


Once upon a time, I wrote paranormal books. I thought that was what I would always write, and then I wrote The Posse, and from there on, my release schedule was heavily skewed toward con rom.

I’m not sorry about that decision, because I love my con rom stories and characters, but at times, I’ve missed my paranormal people. This is why every Halloween, I release a new Recipe for Death book. It keeps my hand in.

Shortly after I began writing contemporary romance, my two youngest kids (then 12 and 17) asked me to consider writing an apocalyptic story that they would feel comfortable reading (that means–don’t put any sex in it, Mom!). I laughed and said I didn’t have a story like that . . . but then I remembered the dream.

I don’t know when I had the dream, but it was at least four years ago. In it, I saw a group of people on the porch of a big house in San Francisco. They were gathered together on the eve of a huge battle against an evil force. I didn’t know anything more about it than there was an air of St. Crispin’s Day there–

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother;

There was a feeling that they knew it was possible that they would never be together like this again, a sort of desperate gaiety . . . but a solidarity, too. None of them regretted being there. And I also knew that one of the women was pregnant.

I never remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me. And I realized that it was part of a greater story, one I’d already begun writing.

Thus was born the Save Tomorrow books.

All of my paranormal books are set in the same world. While they stand alone, both within the world and within their series, the characters cross over, the story lines intersect and overlap, and from Fearless up through The Fox’s Wager, all of the books are leading, to some extent, to the big showdown coming up in The Age of Aquarius.

Below is the reading order for these books. We’re doing a casual read-along in the Temptresses from now through April 7th so if you’d like to join along, be sure you’re a member.






Stardust on the Sea


The Shadow Bells

Death Fricassee


Death A La Mode

Death Over Easy

Moonlight on the Meadow (January 24th)

The Fox’s Wager (February 1st)

Age of Aquarius (April 7th)

January 2017 Releases

We’re kicking off 2017 with a bang!

Actually, with TWO bangs! Two awesome releases during very first month of the year.

Coming January 24th: MOONLIGHT ON THE MEADOW, a Save Tomorrow Novella.

15502697_10210242173318102_172689190_oCathryn Whitmore, the driven and hard-working woman at the helm of Carruthers Initiative Institute, has always been unlucky in love. She tells herself that there’s no room in her life for a serious relationship, and that’s partly true; together with her friends and agents, she’s on a mission to stop a pervasive evil from setting off an apocalypse that will spell the end of the world.

But that was before she took a trip to Ireland to recruit three gifted brothers to fight by her side.

When Seamus O’Casey first lays eyes on Cathryn, he knows that he’s lost his heart. But convincing her of this truth won’t be easy. It’ll take all of his charm—not to mention his supernatural abilities—to win her trust . . . and her love.

This short is leading to the release of our BIG apocalyptic Save Tomorrow book, coming April 7th–so be sure to read this one and be ready! Preorder exclusively on iBooks.

And for our contemporary romance readers . . . on January 31st, SEVEN SUPER FOOTBALL ROMANCES goes live!

It’s almost time for the big game. Whether or not your team is playing on Sunday, you need some romance to go with those hot wings. We’ve got it right here: seven SUPER football romances, love footballboxsetpreordergraphicstories that go the distance and score that extra point every time.

The box set includes: 
Jami Davenport Blindsided A temporary marriage knocked him off his game, but love blindsided him.
Ann Jacobs The Rookie Rookie quarterback sets his sights on Marauders cheerleader.
Tawdra Kandle When We Were Us Three friends, two loves, one choice
Nicola Marsh Bold Aussie Rules? There are no rules in the game of love.
Liz Matis Guarding the Quarterback Miss Congeniality meets the The Bodyguard.
Holly Roberts Play Love scores when you least expect it and winning is everything.

If you preorder NOW, you’ll get our special 99 cent price. But do it soon–the price goes up on release day.


Don’t Miss December Deals!



It’s the most romantic time of the year!

. . . and do I have some romances for you! These are all deals, steals and freebies. Grab them now, because each one is a limited time offer and will be going up in price shortly.


theonebox99adbbadThis is a crazy deal! THE ONE Trilogy Box Set is on sale for only 99 cents.

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–THREE full-length connected but stand-alone HEA steamy romances
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Are you in the mood for a Christmas wedding? I got you covered! You can grab I CHOOSE YOU for only 99 cents for a few more days. 
The path of true love was a bumpy one for Ava and Liam. They were the couple least likely to succeed.screenshot-2016-12-18-23-38-06
But almost two years later, love is better than ever. Liam still has one more goal, though: marrying the girl who changed his life.Neither of them realizes that making it to the big day might be their greatest challenge yet. Between his parents’ acrimonious divorce and her family’s ideas of how to plan the perfect wedding, it’ll take the strength of their love—and a little help from their friends–to see them through to happily-ever-after.

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Two FREE Christmas Shorts!

the-shadow-bellsDo you love a spooky Christmas story? Then you’ll love THE SHADOW BELLS . . . and it’s free right now, right here!

The last time Nell Massler was in the town of King, she left in a straitjacket. But it’s Christmas, and her boyfriend Rafe deserves to be surrounded by his family. Nell agrees to go back for the holiday, not knowing that their visit home will include a trip down memory lane with two lovers who act like the Ghosts of Christmas Past. The spirits give Nell and Rafe glimpses of their history, before they have to make decisions for their future.



Is steamy contemporary more your speed? Then you can get UNDERNEATH MY CHRISTMAS TREE also free right now, right here!


Elizabeth Hudson has one goal in mind for this holiday season: ignore it. With her complicated family, non-existent love life and demanding job, skipping Christmas seems like the best plan ever.
Until a Christmas tree lot pops up just outside her office, run by the hot and hunky Trent Wagoner.
Trent took this job because he needed to get away from life in his small Georgia hometown. Hauling a truckload of Douglas firs and blue spruces from his uncle’s farm in Michigan to sell in Florida sounded like the perfect plan to find the space he needs and finally get his life on track.
Neither Trent nor Elizabeth planned on the instant sparks of attraction between them. But no matter how hard they fight it, something unexpected–and wonderful–may show up beneath the Christmas tree this year.

Happy holidays to all!

From my home to yours . . . we wish you joy, love and lots of romance all year long. Peace be with you.


2015AuthorPhoto (1539x1800)Tawdra Kandle writes romance, in just about all its forms. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. Her books include YA paranormal romance,  NA paranormal and contemporary romance, and adult contemporary and paramystery romance. She lives in central Florida with a husband, kids, sweet pup and too many cats. And yeah, she rocks purple hair.

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