Recipe For Death Series

Death Fricassee 

Want a recipe for disaster? Take one thirty-something food columnist, living the high life as the youngest resident of a Florida retirement community in the house she inherited from her grandmother. Sprinkle with early-bird specials and nights of bingo.

Add one college professor-turned-novelist, seasoned heavily with deep, dark secrets sprung from a night of drunken fun that left him changed in ways he doesn’t understand.

Toss in a dash of murder that rocks a quiet community.

And heat until neither one can deny their growing attraction to each other.

Best served hot with a side of wicked humor and a glass of Pinot Grigio.Bon Appetit!

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Death A La Mode

Jackie’s still adjusting to having a steady boyfriend—not to mention getting used to the fact that Lucas is a death broker/vampire. With the help of his ex-lover Cathryn—whom Jackie doesn’t quite trust—they’re trying to figure out why Lucas was turned—and by whom.

Jackie’s biggest challenge at the moment, though, is creating a winning entry to the annual Perfect Pecan Pie Festival, the premiere food contest in Palm Dunes, Florida. Testing recipes and running her new restaurant are keeping her busy.

But no one’s too busy for murder.

When people around local up-and-coming folk singer Crissy Darwin begin turning up dead, Lucas is pulled into the investigation. He and Jackie suspect that Crissy herself is the target. But can they solve the mystery before the killer strikes again—and without ruining the Festival?

Pour yourself a nice glass of Lambrusco, cut a slice of pie and settle in to see what happens.

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Death Over Easy

Grab a cup of coffee and a diner breakfast. It’s time to return to Palm Dunes.

An epic showdown with a tremendous force of evil is looming on the horizon. Jackie and Lucas, along with their small band of friends and fellow Carruthers Institute agents, are on edge as they all await the opening blows in this battle to keep the dreaded Hive from making their terrifying plans for world domination a reality.

But meanwhile, life goes on in Palm Dunes, the Florida retirement community where Jackie and Lucas are the youngest honorary residents. Jackie, who’s still getting used to her new life as both a restaurant-owner and secret agent, is also now dealing with a prickly young sous-chef who needs her guidance and help. Lucas is confronted with a series of mysterious deaths with no apparent motive. Even his role of Death Broker can’t help him find the killer.

And their friend and neighbor Mrs. Mac, busy competing in the Ms. Florida Senior Living pageant, just may be the next victim.

End of the world? Who has time?

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Peace, love and romance~