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I’m very excited to announce that I’m part of a fun holiday anthology called JINGLE BALLS. All of the profits from sales of the set go to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. My contribution to the anthology is set in my Diagnosis: Love world. It’s the story of Darcy Ryan, a nurse practitioner at St. Agnes Memorial Hospital, and her choice between the man who rocked her bod one summer years ago and the guy who’s romancing her soul these days. Everything comes down to what happens at the Jingle Balls Gala . . .

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Nurse practitioner Darcy Ryan and football hottie Jackson Carmichael spent one magical, sexy summer together seven years ago. Everything between them was perfect until he abruptly broke Darcy’s heart and left her bitter.

These days, Darcy’s finding romance with a man who seems to understand her heart, even if she hasn’t met him in person. She’s finally banishing memories of Jackson . . . until they both end up on a committee to plan the Jingle Balls Gala.

Now she can’t get away from Jackson’s smoldering eyes and sizzling smirk. He claims he can explain what happened all those years ago, but Darcy’s not interested in revisiting the past–not when she’s got plans with the guy who makes her swoon now.

When it comes down to a choice between the man who rocked her body and the guy who knows her heart, who will Darcy kiss under the mistletoe at the Jingle Balls Gala?

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Peace, love and romance~