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Are you ready to be just a little naughty?

?These sassy, sexy women aren’t bad girls . . . but they’re tired of playing nice. And when the right man comes along, they’re ready to bend the rules, even if the guy in question might be just the slightest bit off-limits. ?

A tiny bit taboo.?

When she finds herself stuck in a remote motel with her demanding boss, Chelsea knows she should behave like the efficient employee she is. But his surprising offer and swoon-worthy body make her a tiny bit tempted . . .

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An unrequited love finally gets a chance . . . and a broken soul finds a way to heal. But can forgiveness lead to forever?


Since the day my ex-boyfriend took his own life, I’ve been sleep-walking through the days and just barely surviving the nights. I didn’t think I was capable of anything more . . . until Tate Durham, the newest Philadelphia football hottie, found me sitting on the floor of a grocery store, crying over a bag of potato chips.

Tate’s patient friendship shows me that I might not be beyond hope. But what if I don’t have the courage to trust him with my heart?


I have been in love with Gia Capri since the moment I laid eyes on her back in college. Unfortunately, that happened to be the same night she met Matt Lampert. Even though that dude was my teammate, I knew he was bad news. Still, when it came to Gia, I didn’t stand a chance.

But now he’s gone, and an unexpected meeting with Gia means I get a chance to prove myself. For a time, it feels like my care and honesty begin to heal what’s broken in Gia’s soul. Still, no matter how hard I try—or how much I love her—making her whole again might take more than I can give.

But love never gives up. And neither will I.

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Peace, love and romance~