Duty. Honor. Country. 

Love. Romance. Passion.


Look, I don’t need a psychologist to tell me why I am the way I am. I grew up with a mom who was forever chasing her happily-ever-after, never considering the cost to herself–or to me. That’s why I’m not interested in fairy tales or in finding some elusive prince charming to solve all of my problems.

Until I meet him in the bar where I work. One night of fun somehow begins to mean more, and it scares the crap out of me.


I joined the Army when I was just a kid, mostly because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. I never dreamed I’d love it enough to make it my career, but now here I am, an officer, stationed at West Point, leading a company of soldiers. What started as an escape has become my passion–and it’s one that doesn’t have space for anything–or anyone–else.

Until I meet her at my buddy’s bachelor party. I think I’m indulging in one meaningless night, but I can’t stop thinking about her. Remembering her. Wanting her.


WARNING: This scene is H O T and contains sexual language. Read at your own risk! 


It was still dark when soft lips brushed over mine. 

“Lark.” A man’s voice roused me gently from sleep, and part of me wanted to panic before I remembered . . . Nolan. 

“Lark, baby, I gotta go. I have PT in about an hour, and I have to get back to quarters and change.” I thought I felt his hand stroke my hair, but I couldn’t force my eyes open. 

“Thanks for last night. It was—you were—you are—amazing. I’ll . . . see you again.” 

Much later, I opened my eyes to sunshine pouring in through my curtains. Pushing myself up in bed, I gazed around the room, smiling a little when I saw that my clothes from last night were now neatly draped over a chair instead of strewn across the floor. Clearly, Nolan had done that while he was finding his own clothes. 

He’d woken me at some point in the night by using his tongue on my pussy yet again as if he couldn’t get enough. And after that, I’d straddled his drool-worthy body and ridden that massive cock to yet another mind-blowing climax. I was sore, but in the best way possible.

I fell back against the pillows and sighed. He wasn’t wrong in what he’d whispered to me before leaving early this morning—last night had been incredible. It was definitely the best sex I’d had in . . . maybe ever. Not that I’d ever tell him that—not that I’d ever give myself a chance to tell him that. Nolan was like me—one and done. We’d had a good time together, but sex like that could far too easily be taken for something else, and I was not the woman who would allow herself to make that kind of mistake. 

If we happened to see each other again in passing—and it wasn’t impossible; West Point and Highland Falls were both small communities, and it was more surprising that we hadn’t met until now—we’d both be mature about it, I was sure. Hell, it was possible that he might not even remember me. Maybe I was just another in a long line of women he’d fucked, and though I might look familiar, it was entirely conceivable that after today, he wouldn’t remember my name. 

I was pretty sure, though, that he’d been right about something he’d boasted last night. I wasn’t likely to forget his name—or the way he’d felt inside me—any time soon.


Coastal Magic 2020–in the books!

Last weekend marked my eighth year as a Featured Author at Coastal Magic Con, and it was better than ever! Check out these pictures from our Roaring Twenties weekend . . . and consider joining the fun next February!

Second Chance Romance: Love is sweeter the second time around

Last year, a friend let me know that she was putting together a proposal for Apple Books to do a second chance romance feature. She asked me to submit any of my second chance romance as part of that.

When I think second chance romance, I think a second chance at love–full stop. So my mind immediately went to The Posse, where Jude, a young widow who experienced deep and abiding love with her late husband, finds herself falling for their long-time best friend. She gets a second chance at love.

But apparently, this is not the generally accepted definition of second chance romance–what I learned was that this is a much narrower understanding, wherein the love must be between the same two people, both times.

Happily for me, I had a book like that, too. The First One is the second book in my Love in a Small Town series. It’s near and dear to my heart, because it’s actually a story I had had in my head for a long time before I wrote it.

The book was inspired by Tim McGraw’s song Everywhere. The very first time I heard those lyrics, a tale began to evolve in my mind . . . a young couple in a small town, both of them eager to escape together, until the day of departure arrives. Why didn’t she go with him? That was what made the story.

Ali is the youngest sister of Sam Reynolds, and when we meet her in The Last One, she’s the single mom of a feisty little girl named Bridget. Sam and Ali both reference the fact that she’s divorced, but neither of them says much more than that until one night when Ali spills her heart to her new friend Meghan, the woman who’s slowly winning Sam’s love.

Still, we don’t know what lies ahead of Ali until The First One, when Flynn, the boy who’d been hers back in high school, comes back to Burton for a sad occasion. As it turns out, there’s more awaiting Flynn than he expects.

The First One is on sale at Apple Books for only 99 cents through the end of January. Grab it now and find a second chance at love!

Since Amazon has price-matched the book, Kindle readers can also get in on the fun right here.

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SWAY releases on October 29th! Preorder here:

Happy 5th Birthday to THE LAST ONE–and some news!

Five years ago, I spent the summer writing a book that was different from anything I’d released before. Meghan and Sam’s story was by far the sexiest story I’d told so far . . . but it also included laughter and tears, all set against the backdrop of a small town in Georgia.

THE LAST ONE was actually the first one in what would become my longest contemporary romance series. This set now includes twelve books, and it’s far from over.

But even a five year old series can use a little sprucing up now and then. When I finished writing the first four books in Love in a Small Town, I realized I had more stories here–so I launched the next set of books, also set in Burton–and I titled them the Always books (Always For You, Always My Own, Always Our Love) and then the next set were the Girl books (The Love Song Girl, The Meant To Be Girl and two more upcoming releases).

The only problem was that these title changes within the series sometimes confused readers who didn’t realize these books were all part of one small town. So in celebration of five sizzling, romantic years in Burton, Georgia, we re-titled and re-covered five of the books. They are now:

The Always One

The Hard One

The Forever One

The Love Song One

The Meant To Be One

If you haven’t read this series yet–now is the time! THE LAST ONE is free on all vendors right now.

Find the entire series here!


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