The Only One Sneak Peek (Part 1)

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time to get a little sneak peek of my latest work-in-progress. . .

This week I’m working on The Only One, the last book in The One Trilogy. I have to be honest. I’m so loving this book, and I am so freaking sad to say good bye to all the characters in Burton, Georgia. Part of me is wondering if ‘trilogy’ can stretch to four or five books. . .hmmm. . .

Western boots and hat with vintage toneLike all The One books, TOO is written in dual point of view, both Mason’s and Rilla’s. This particular piece is taken from Rilla’s chapter.

Dad had taken Gram’s place at the sink, and he glanced at me over his shoulder as I came back into the kitchen. “You’re late. Did you leave your grandmother to make dinner by herself? You know I expect better.”

            I steeled myself against wincing. That had been the story of my life. He expected better. I’d been disappointing my father as long as I remembered. I always wondered if those had been the first words I’d heard upon being born. And I wondered if my mother had felt the same way, which would explain why she’d gotten off the farm and as far away from Burton, Georgia as soon as she could.

            “I got here as fast as I could, but—”

            “Emmett, leave the child be. I started supper early today, and there wasn’t a blessed thing Rilla could’ve done to help me. She would’ve been in my way.” Gram shot me a wink and a smile.

Remember, you can pre-order The Only One right here on AmazoniBooksBarnes and Noble and Kobo. I can’t wait to show the cover. All in good time, my pretties, all in good time. . .

(And if you haven’t read the first two books yet–The Last One and The First One–get to it! TOO releases April 7th.)

Peace, love and romance~

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