The Playlist’s the Thing

The Posse

Last week at Coastal Magic, I was privileged to be on a panel about music and how it influences our writing processes. I’m passionate about the playlists that accompany each of our books. I can’t imagine not having a whole slew of songs that affect story lines, affect characters’ decisions and keep me rolling when I’m not sure what happens next.

This reminded me that I needed to update all the playlists for my books on here. I used to be dedicated to making sure the lists made the website, but I’ve gotten lazy.

So each Monday, I’ll be updating the play list tab on the site. You can find it under “Books” in the main home menu.

Since past Tawdra had already nicely done The King Series music, today we’re premiering the songs from The Posse. This was The Possefinalone of my favorite books to write and also one of my favorite play lists, mostly because the songs come from my own teen years, the 1980’s. It was so much fun to listen to that music while I was writing, channeling Jude’s memories and the feelings she relived when she heard the songs.

You can find the play list here. And if you haven’t read The Posse, you really should. The next two books in the Crystal Cove Trilogy come out this year.

Next week. . .another of my favorites. We’ll find out what tunes make Rafe tick when I put up the play list from Undeniable.

Peace, love and romance~

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