Five From Lyssa Layne

Welcome to Five From Friends Friday!

Each week, I’ll share with you five quick and quirky questions and answers

from some of my favorite author friends.

I think you’ll see some familiar faces in here, too.

Quickies from Lyssa Layne

Q: In the middle of a busy week, suddenly everything you had planned for one day falls away and you have twelve hours of unstructured time—no responsibilities, no plans, no requirements. What do you do with that gift of time? (And writing cannot be the answer!!)

A: Wow! How can I make this happen for real??? If I couldn’t write or do author tasks then I’d probably find myself at Cardinals’ game with my family and being a tourist in my own great city of St. Louis.

Q: Your fairy godmother grants you the gift of being one character in one of your own books for the day. Who will you be and why?

A: Well, Jules from Everybody’s After Love is actually loosely based around my husband and me so I know what her day to day is like. So if I had to pick, I’d probably choose Mia from Fear of Striking Out. Hello, hot hubby in baseball pants! Not to mention, she’s incredibly strong and such a sweetheart.

Q: Five chefs from The Food Network are coming to your house for dinner tonight. What will you prepare for them to eat?

A: My hubs was saying I make a pretty delicious meatloaf so I’d probably do that and just pray it wasn’t raw in the middle. :-/ And of course, we’d have to have Fat Man’s Delight for dessert!

Q: The zombie apocalypse is upon us. You have a full tank of gas. . .where will you go to hide and/or make your stand?

A: My husband (man, he’s a character himself!) already has our basement stocked and our pantry full so we’d probably stay where we are… and run to the grocery store to buy all the Twinkies I could get my hands on.

Q: You’re at the society event of the year, and the most eligible bachelor in the room wants to buy you a drink. What’ll it be?

A: Electric lemonade please!!!


re edit 19-1Lyssa Layne is first, and foremost, the proud momma to her precious daughter, AR. In addition to working full-time and being a mommy to AR, she is also an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan, a runner, blogger, and an infertility survivor.

Having watched one too many medical dramas and being inspired by author Rachelle Ayala, who introduced her to the world of indie writing, Lyssa decided to try her hand at writing a romance story. Her attempt turned into the Burning Lovesick series. You can find Lyssa’s own interests throughout her stories although all stories are fictional.

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 My Favorite What If

One year after Jacob “Smitty” Smith is stood up at the altar, his good friend Jules encourages him to redeem his honeymoon favoritewhatif_1600x2400package before it expires. Reluctantly, he agrees, and finds himself sitting beside free spirit Sloan Talbott, who is attending her sister’s destination wedding at the same resort. Both have been hurt. Neither is looking for love. Will one week in paradise be a fling to remember or could it possibly lead to something more?

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Next Release

Lyssa’s next release Until You Fall In Love and will debut June 9 and is available for only 99 cents!

The ONLY Playlist. . .

Tomorrow is release day for The Only One! I’m so excited to share Rilla and Mason with you. Today you get a sneak peek in the form of the book’s playlist.

Of course, this is a country playlist, because it’s part of The One Trilogy. And of course, Brad Paisley is featured more than once, because I <3 him big time. I especially wanted two of his songs on here because they speak to a delicate topic: Christianity. It’s TheOnlyOneEbooksomething that plays a fairly big role in The Only One; Rilla’s been raised in a strict church, and part of her journey is discovering what faith means to her and how much her upbringing should influence the rest of her life. I liked Brad’s songs Those Crazy Christians and Me and Jesus because they deal with that struggle in a real way.

Colin Raye’s On The Verge has always been to me the musical epitome of a man just about to fall in love. I went a little old school with Hal Ketchum’s Stay Forever; I just happened to hear it, and it captured their dance scene perfectly.

There are two Suzy Bogguss songs. One is a little older, her cover of Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now, and the other is from her latest album, a cover of Merle Haggard standards. Both are haunting and beautiful.

It was while listening to Suzy’s musical that I came across another cover, this one by the late Mindy McCready. She’d remade Long, Long Time which had been one of my very favorite bittersweet songs when I was a teenager. I love how Mindy re-did it.

I love this playlist, just as I love this story. Go check out the playlist here and get ready for Rilla and Mason tomorrow!

Five From Layla Wilcox

Welcome to Five From Friends Friday!

Each week, I’ll share with you five quick and quirky questions and answers

from some of my favorite author friends.

I think you’ll see some familiar faces in here, too.

Quickies from Layla Wilcox

I met Layla when we were part of a promotion last February. We’ll also be working together in a box set this summer. I’m thrilled that she stopped by for a quickie. Or rather. . .for five of them. 😉


Q: Mulder or Scully?

Mulder. I was so pleased to see that the series is being brought back for another six episodes! Almost as exciting as the similar short, updated run of “24.”

Q: Your fairy godmother offers you a choice: a week in an English manor or a week on the beach in Maui. Which would you choose?

Tough choice! Probably a week in an English manor because I lived in a tropical environment for a long time (not as nice as Hawaii, but sometimes beach is beach, and I haven’t been to the UK).

Q: One of your books is being put on film. Would you prefer a feature film or a television series?

Oh, a TV series, especially if it could be adapted to a season’s worth of shows!

Q: You win a contest and can have either unlimited books from Amazon or unlimited coffee from Starbucks. Which one?

Amazon. I don’t even like Starbucks coffee. I’d much prefer to brew my own while reading my unlimited supply of books 😉

Q: Which movie star from before 1980 would you want for a night of. . .fun?

I gave this one lots of thought because… well, so many possibilities. After much consideration, I choose…Steve McQueen.


LaylaCroppedLayla Wilcox is a native New Yorker. She writes about strong women who like all things hot: weather, food, and men–and not necessarily in that order. When not writing erotic romances, Layla enjoys watching entire seasons of old television series on Amazon Prime while eating homemade vegan pizza, followed by dark chocolate.

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Satisfying the Billionaire Collection.

(Note: price will be reduced to 99cents as a Kindle Countdown on the date of this post.)satisfy-collection

This Collection includes all four books in the SATISFYING THE BILLIONAIRE series.

A billionaire is driven by the need for more. Her one job is to satisfy him.

Barely out of high school, young Kelsey has a demanding job–keeping her middle-aged, billionaire husband Donovan James sexually satisfied.

Continually being prompted to raise the stakes in the bedroom, Kelsey dresses up for role-play games as his nurse, maid, cook, and naughty schoolgirl. But the insatiable Donovan pushes for more and sends her to act out her sexual fantasies with the help while he watches from a hidden location.

The pressure remains on Kelsey to run the show even when Donovan can’t be present. She must figure out how to record her sexual escapades as well as continually find new partners to seduce in front of the hidden cameras.

Sometimes even the best plans go awry, and the results can be devastating–or divine. Kelsey finds the future of her marriage hangs in the balance.

This steamy collection contains explicit sexual content and is intended for readers 18+ years of age.

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The Only One. . .Teaser #2

One week from today, The Only One goes live on all venues! Are you ready? I know I am!

Today’s sneak peek features Rilla and Mason . . . she’s working for him, taking care of his daughter and his mother, and they’ve just come from dinner out. Something happened that kind of set Rilla off. Watch out for those quiet types.

“You’re crazy. Just flat-out, no-holds-barred insane.”

Rilla didn’t wait for me to open her door this time when I pulled the truck into the driveway. She jumped out and then leaned back to unbuckle Piper. “Come on, sweet pea. Let’s get you ready for a bath and bed.”

TheOnlyOneEbook“Rilla, come on. We need to talk about this.” I followed her into the house. “Just wait a second.”

“No, thanks. I’m going to put Piper to bed, and then I’m going to help Naomi with her medicine and help her get changed for bed. And then I’m going to my room and going to bed myself. I suggest you do the same. Clearly you got too much sun today, and it fried your brain.”

“It didn’t go above seventy-two degrees today, Rilla. I don’t have heat stroke. I just—”

“No.” She stopped and spun on her heel, shooting me a stern, shut-your-mouth look that halted me in my tracks. “Not another word.” She turned around again, pausing only at the doorway to my mother’s room. “Naomi, as soon as I get the little one down, I’ll come help you, okay? You all right ‘til then?”

I heard my mom speak, cautious and curious. “I’m fine, darlin’. The bigger question is, are you okay?”

“I’m peachy. Be right back. Piper, say good-night to Nan.”

Rilla bent to set my daughter on the floor, and Piper scampered to hug her grandmother. She ran back to grab Rilla’s hand and marched up the steps.

I went into Mom’s room and dropped into the easy chair, rubbing the back of my neck.

“I’m nearly afraid to ask, but what happened? Here I was happy, thinking the three of you were off having yourselves a time, and instead Rilla comes home in a snit and you’re trailing her around, begging her to give you a minute of time.”

I sighed. “You’re not going to like it, and I’m not sure I can deal with another pissed female tonight. So let’s just say I said something that made perfect sense to me, but apparently was the last thing Rilla wanted to hear.”

Mom laid her head back against the chair. “Oh, son. ‘Fess up, now. Tell me what you did.”

I steepled my fingers and stared down at them. “I asked Rilla to marry me.”

Want to know what happens next? Preorder The Only One NOW and have it on your ereader in one week.


An Eventful Year (Part 1)

On April 11th, my ‘official’ season of book events will begin. The unofficial start was Coastal Magic in Daytona back in February, but since there’s a gap between that con and my others, it almost was like the end of the 2014 season.

This year, I’ll be in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Louisville, St. Louis, Orlando and Atlanta, beginning April 11th and finishing August 16th.

10686000_10152497079049145_2026524481_oWhy do some authors participate in events and others don’t? And what are the benefits to both author and reader? So glad you asked.

As a rule, we authors tend to be a tad bit hermit-like. We love writing about people and far away places, but we’re just as happy to stay home rather than interact with real people. That’s one reason the computer and the Internet has been such a boon to the authors of the world. We can appear to be social without taking off our pajamas. Win-win.

Some of us feel that events have sufficient intrinsic value to abandon our PJ’s and put on real clothes and meet real people. It’s scary, yes, and for most of us, it’s exhausting, but we force ourselves to do it because in the long run, it’s fun. We meet our readers. There is little as thrilling as having someone come up to my table and begin discussing my characters as though they are mutual friends. . .people who enjoy the voices in my head as much as I do!

There are other authors who prefer to save that time and money, and that’s okay, too. Viva la difference, right?

The benefits of events to an author, aside from talking to people who share our love for our books, is spending time with those who speak our language. My husband and kids, for instance, love me. I’m pretty sure, anyway. But they really don’t want to talk about plot lines, recalcitrant characters, editing, formatting, releases, promotion. . .at least, not as much as I’d like to. So plop me down in a room with others who know what I’m saying when I mention BookBub or KU or Facebook promotion, and I’m a happy girl.

I also get to meet bloggers who I might only know online. That’s always so much fun. I love when someone comes to my table or 10597079_10152418618164145_478778960_opanel and introduces herself first as her name, and then adds the name of her blog. So exciting!

Of course, I enjoy meeting new readers, too, and telling them a little about what I write.

Speaking of readers, what do they get out of events? So much. First of all, if I’d been able to attend author events when I was younger, I would’ve been in hog heaven. All those authors to meet and talk with . . . and then there’s the swag, and the chance to have your books signed. . .to listen to authors on panels share about their processes and tips, aspects of writing and publishing–it’s really a gold mine of information and fun. If you haven’t attended one, you should plan to try.

Plus, you are almost 100% guaranteed to find at least one new author whose work you love. You have the chance to chat with them, check out their books and see what they’re all about. That’s a hidden bonus of author-reader events.

I have a few pointers to help you get your money’s worth out of attending these events:

–If you can do it, stay in the event hotel. First, you’re helping out the event, most of which have room blocks they must fill to meet their obligation to the hotel. Second, you’ll get interaction with authors that others don’t: riding up and down elevators, chatting over breakfast, hanging out at the pool or the workout room. . .

–Check out the author list a month or two before the event, and try to read at least one book from each author, if you have time. Most authors have at least one free book, so this isn’t as expensive as it sounds. I’ve loved to have readers come up and tell me they did this. . .such a great idea!

–Introduce yourself to your favorite authors when you meet, and tell her which of her books you’ve enjoyed. Do *not* tell her which of her books you don’t like or say anything like, “I found lots of typos in your book.” You won’t make a friend. Later, if you get to know the author well enough and it feels right, you can offer that information.

–Even if you’ve met the author before at another event, or even if you feel like you know her very well online, don’t expect her to recognize you. We don’t all look the same online, and some people <cough, cough> are terrible at putting names and faces together. Assume she needs the intro and be pleasantly surprised if she interrupts with, “Of course I know you!”

–Plan to buy at least one or two books. Most authors sell their paperbacks for between $10-$15. It helps if you can buy one.

–Attend panels, if they offer them. At least attend one or two. You’ll enjoy them, I promise, and it will help both the authors and the organizers.

–Bring something for all the authors to sign. I’ve signed Kindle and/or Nook cases, bags, T-shirts, frames, special scrapbook pages, printed photo montages. . .you name it. It’s cool to have all the authors from one event sign in one place!

–At the signing, don’t just visit authors you know or recognize. At every event, there will be newer authors who need to talk to readers. Stop by their tables, ask them what they write and get to know them. You might find a new favorite!

–If you’re a writer attending an event as a reader, feel free to tell the signing authors that you write, too. But please don’t ask them for advice, help or information if there’s a crowd at their tables. I suggest offering your card or name, with your email address, and asking if you might contact them online with questions. Some, if they have time, might offer to meet you for coffee while at the event to have a longer discussion. But by giving them the option, you’ve been gracious and professional.

–Talk about the event online before, during and after. That’s promotion, and it’s appreciated!

So I hope I’ll see you in one of the cities listed above. For more details, click here to see when, where and how to meet me at some point in 2015.

See you around the con!

{Next week, I’ll talk about dos and don’ts for authors at events.}