COVER REVEAL: Not Broken Anymore

Super H O T football players are a staple of the Keeping Score series, and NOT BROKEN ANYMORE is no exception! Tate is panty-dropping, drool-inducing sexy, and I love that this amazing cover from Meg Murrey captures that.

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Football is everything, but love is the only game that matters.

Tate Durham, the newest Philadelphia football hottie, has been in love with Gia Capri since the moment he laid eyes on her back in college. Unfortunately, that happened the same night her destructive and doomed relationship with the troubled Matt Lampert began. Tate didn’t stand a chance. 

In the year since Matt took his own life, Gia’s been sleep-walking through her days and just barely surviving her nights. She’s not sure that she’s capable of anything else . . . until Tate finds her sitting on the floor of a grocery store, crying over potato chips.

Tate’s patience and honesty begins to heal what’s broken in Gia’s soul. Still, no matter how hard he tries—or how much he loves her—making her whole again might take more than he can give.

But love never gives up. And neither will Tate.

I’m Reading In Your Dreams by Ginger Scott

The very first Ginger Scott book I read was in her Falling Series, so I was really excited to see a new book released in that world. And I wasn’t disappointed. In Your Dreams was well-written, a compelling story filled with broken characters and an intriguing plot line.

Casey Coffield was probably the least-likable character in The Girl I Was Before, where he made his debut. He was Houston’s best friend, but it really made no sense. Casey came across like the biggest loser imaginable, someone who used Houston and took advantage of his good nature. When I realized this new book was about him, I had a lot of doubts.

But by showing us life through Casey’s eyes, the author showed us his redemption. Now, don’t get me wrong–I didn’t like Casey at the beginning of his book any more than I had before. But inch by inch, little by little, he changed–and the transformation was both believable and beautiful.

Murphy, the female lead, was a terrific character–strong, fierce and lovable. Her family was perfect, as well–their compassion and grace were a huge part of the story.

I loved this book–and I’m waiting impatiently for Ms. Scott’s next release! She never disappoints.

I’m Reading A Brand New Annie Crow Novel!

Ten years ago this coming fall, my oldest daughter entered her senior year of high school, and she was worried about the new English teacher she was going to have. She attended a small high school of performing arts, and the teachers and students all had a tight bond. Devyn was worried about having to get to know a brand-new teacher at the end of her school career.

I began to notice over the ensuing weeks that the words, “Ms. Gail says . . .” were becoming an almost daily part of our lives. Ms. Gail was apparently the exact teacher my daughter needed at this point, and I was so grateful for her compassion and support over the course of what was a very difficult year for our family.

Six years later, I was a published author, living in Florida, and during a trip to New Jersey, I spoke to the English classes at my daughter’s alma mater. One of the high points of the visit was connecting once again with ‘Ms. Gail’. Over the course of our conversation that day, Gail shared with me about a book she had written.

I think she sent me the first Annie book about a month later. I read it, and I fell in love.

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise was published in July of 2013. The second bookAnnie CrowKnoll: Sunset came out a little over a year later. I was so honored and blessed to be involved with the publication of these beautiful books.

The third and final Annie Crow book is in final stages of production. I’m reading it again just now, giving it another read-through, and I’m so loving it. Gail has done it once again.

I don’t have a release date for this book yet, but I’ll share here when the book goes live. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the first two Annie Crow books yet, do it now. Jump on them and devour them so you’ll be ready when Annie Crow: Moonrise is released.

And that’s what I’m reading this Wednesday.



I’m Reading Never Tear Us Apart by Monica Murphy

One of the great things about finding new authors is finding out they have talented friends, too! I’ve mentioned before that when I began reading Sarina Bowen’s books, I joined a Facebook group called The Locker Room. I’d already read three of the other ‘coaches’ there–Elle Kennedy, Kristen Callihan and Cora Carmack–but to my great delight, I discovered another new favorite–Monica Murphy.

I enjoyed Monica’s THE RULES series, and her One Week Girlfriend quartet. This week, though, I realized she had a brand-new stand-alone, and the idea of it intrigued me. So I picked up Never Tear Us Apart.

The premise of this story is not unfamiliar, sadly; it opens about nine years after the female lead, Never Tear CoverKatherine, survived an abduction and rape. We learn pretty quickly that she was able to escape her captor only with the help of his then-15-year old son, Will. We also learn that while the two had stayed in touch for a while, eventually they lost each other.

Now twenty-one, Katherine is still trying to get her life back. She’s understandably cautious and has never dated. So when she has a chance encounter with a man who saves her from a mugging, no one is more surprised than Katherine that she is drawn to her rescuer. The two begin dating.

Of course, since the book is told from a dual point of view, we already know that her new friend Ethan is actually Will. He only wanted to check on the girl he’d helped to save. He never intended to deceive her. But now they’re in a relationship of sorts,and each of them has secrets that have the potential to be explosive.

I haven’t finished the book yet, but it’s harder and harder to put down. I’m worried about the fallout when the inevitable happens and Katherine finds out Ethan’s true identity.

I’m Reading Historical Romance by Mary Balogh

My reading genres are pretty particular these days. I have authors I trust, and I’m open to trying new books if someone I trust gives me a recommendation.

However, some of my favorites from my pre-author life have lingered. Although I don’t write historical romance (yet), I still love a well-written historical. And one of my old reliables is the incomparable Mary Balogh.

I think I began reading Mary’s “Slightly” series, and then devoured as many of her books as possible. Over the last few years, I’ve loved her Survivor series particularly, so once I finished a deadline book a few weeks ago, when I realized I’d missed a Survivor release last fall, I was delighted to gobble it up!

Only A Kiss was actually the book I’d been waiting to read, since it was about the one sole female in the Survivors’ Club, a group of men (and one woman!) who experienced devastating physical and/or emotional trauma during the Napoleonic wars. The Duke of Stanbrook, who had lost first his son and then his wife thanks to the war, opened his home to this group, and they formed a tight-knit community of support over the years.

These books are not your typical historical romance. Because they deal with subject matter that is completely relevant to our times, there is always a twist, something that goes beyond the simple romantic pursuit of man meets woman.

After finishing that book, I was perusing some of Mary’s books that I might have missed, and I came upon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These books are in re-release, but I was very impressed with the first one, Indiscreet. I was happily surprised that it was a much longer book, and yet the storyline was as compelling and endearing as her more recent books. I’m eager to read the next three in that series.

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