Marica’s Secret

One of the most mysterious characters in FEARLESS is the chemistry teacher, Marica Lacusta. So what’s her deal?

Tasmyn meets her new chem teacher on her first day in King.  Ms. Lacusta is a relative newcomer, too; she arrived in town the spring before the Vaughns moved. Right away, Tas finds Ms. Lacusta a little odd.  She emanates an intensity that just feels a little off.

It doesn’t take long, though, for Tas to realize that there is a very strong relationship between the teacher and Nell Massler. The nature of that relationship is a little harder to ascertain.  Nell seems possessive and jealous of Ms. Lacusta.  How Marica feels about Nell is still murky.

Tas learns a little bit about Marica over the course of FEARLESS, but we’ll definitely get to know her better in the next two books in the King series.  What’s going on with Marica and Nell?  Why did the chem teacher put together a special girls-only club? Why does she seem to have a special interest in Tasmyn?  And why can’t Tas hear her thoughts?

All these answers. . and more. . .will be revealed.



Peace, love and romance~

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