Literary Addicts Wednesday Meme: How Many Books Do You Read At Once?




This week’s question is a bit of a sore subject with me. Growing up, I took a lot of flak from my parents because I was never reading only one book. They would roll their eyes when they found one turned over on the sofa. . .another in the car. . .and yet another on the nightstand. . .

But that’s how I roll. Even now, I’m seldom only reading one book at a time. When we lived in New Jersey, I had my upstairs book (at the bedside) and my downstairs book (in the kitchen). Especially when I had nursing babies, the book had to be at the ready when I was!

I have never had trouble keeping the stories straight while I read them. For whatever reason, it all makes sense in my mind.

Now that I have my Kindle, I can take all my books with me everywhere, and that’s great, too.

What I read when depends on my mood. My books, like my friends, come through for me no matter what I’m feeling.

Does that make me kind of MPD? Maybe. But I prefer to look at my reading habits as particularly well-rounded.

{So what am I reading right now? Glad you asked. CRASHED by K. Bromberg is on my Kindle. So is BECOMING MYSELF by Staci Eldridge.  Joss Whedon CONVERSATIONS is on my desk, for when my Kindle is charging.}

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Peace, love and romance~

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  1. A bonus with Kindles — it’s easier to hide that we’re reading multiple books at once! Too bad you didn’t have one when you were a kid so your parents wouldn’t know you were reading more than one book!

  2. Fun topic 🙂
    I usually read many at a time depending on my location – one at the bedside, an audio in the car, and an ebook at work during lunch.

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