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Do you remember where you bought your first ebook? For many of us, it was either Amazon or Nook. I remember reading my first ebook on my brand-new Nook, marveling that I could enjoy the story on this simple device. I think that was 2010.

Since then, our choices in ebook purchasing have exploded. You can buy them on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play and Nook . . . or download from your local library’s website . . . or read them via legitimate giveaways from your favorite authors.

And now, I’m thrilled to announce that you can buy my ebooks right here!


Contemporary Romance

Love in a Small Town

Love Me Home

The Last One

The First One

The Only One

The Perfect One

The Always One

Underneath My Christmas Tree

The Hard One

My One and Always

The Forever One

The Love Song One

The Meant To Be One

Love in a Small Town Box Set Volume I

Love in a Small Town Box Set Volume II

Keeping Score Football Romances

False Start
Three and Out
The Comeback Route

The Keeping Score Box Set

Making the Score Football Romances

Down By Contact

Next Man Up

Game of Inches

Perfect Dish Romances

Best Served Cold

Just Desserts

I Choose You

Just Roll With It

The Anti-Cinderella Chronicles

The Anti-Cinderella

The Anti-Cinderella Takes London

The Anti-Cinderella Conquers the World

The Anti-Cinderella World

Fifty Frogs

Hot Off The Press

The Cuffing Season

A Dozen Dreams

Career Soldier Romances

Maximum Force

Temporary Duty

Hitting the Silk

Zone of Action

Damage Assessment 

Scheme of Maneuver


Army Blue

Career Soldier Collection

Crystal Cove Romances

The Posse

The Plan

The Path

The Problem

Tessa Kent

Erotic Romance

Good Vibrations

More Than Words

Baby, I’m Yours

Save It For Me

Small Town Swingers

Welcome to Paradise

The Heat Is On

Night Moves

Fading Into You

Third Date Rule







Tiny Bit Taboo

The Conference Taboo

The Ex-In-Law Taboo

The Business Trip Taboo

The Client Taboo


Tamara Kendall

Paranormal Romance

The Save Tomorrow World

The King Young Adult Series





The King Series Box Set

The Serendipity Series

Undeniable Want

Stardust by the Sea

Unquenchable Need

The Shadow Bells

The Recipe for Death Series

Death Fricassee


Death A La Mode

Death Over Easy

The Final Days Series

Moonlight on the Meadow

The Fox’s Wager

Age of Aquarius

Tarralyn Karr 

Sweet Romance

Coming Soon!

St. Agnes Hospital Sweet Romances

Love Found Me in Oncology: Maggie, Parts 1-5

Love Found Me in Pediatrics: Nina, Parts 1-5 

Love Found Me in the ER: Hope, Parts 1-5

Love Found Me in ICU: Cecilia, Parts 1-5 

Love Found Me in Labor and Delivery: Teddi, Parts 1-5 

TJ Kove

Romantic Suspense

Coming Soon!

The Way He Spied:

A Romantic Suspense Series

The Way He Fell

The Way She Died

The Way He Left

The Way They Ran

Peace, love and romance~