Meet Tasmyn

I am thrilled to introduce Tasmyn Vaughn, the main character in my FEARLESS series.

Tas is a typical seventeen year old girl. . sort of.  She’s moved from one town to another for most of those years–her dad’s job requires the constant relocation–and so she’s a little quieter than most girls.  Sometimes it almost seems as though she has a secret.

Tasmyn is an only child.  Rob and Nora, her parents are great people, but they tend a little toward being overprotective. And they might have good reason.

The Vaughns just moved again, this time from the chills of Wisconsin down to balmy central Florida.  They’re living in a small town, and Tasmyn is a little nervous about starting her new school.  After all, this is probably where she’ll finish high school.  It’s her last chance to have a normal teenage life.

But how normal can you be when you can hear minds?


Peace, love and romance~

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