Welcome to my website!

This is a very exciting day, and although I should be playing it cool and acting completely nonplussed. . .not going to happen.

My author website is up and running!

Once upon a time, back when I was writing my first book, I saw all this going differently.  In my dreams, my manuscript was snatched up by a terrific supportive agent and sold to a a wildly enthusiastic editor. As we prepared to publish, a group of well-trained and savvy public relations folks set up a website for me, arranged a book tour and guided me in the unfamiliar world of author publicity.

Welcome to reality.  After  I finished the book, I naively began sending out query letters and expecting good answers.  That was back in the good old days, before I had come face to face with the reality of today’s publishing world and its overwhelming odds. It was before several re-writes and edits and more discouragement than I ever expected.

Choosing to take the route of e-publishing–or indie pub, which is a little more palatable to me (who wouldn’t want to be a cool indie pubbed author:  it evokes images of all our favorite indie music artists!) was not easy.  At first, I looked at it as giving up.  But now, I see it more as just taking the less conventional route.

Oh, and I am very familiar with that particular road.

So here we are.  My author website, set up by yours truly (with lots of advice and help from my good friend, fellow author and PR guru Mandie Stevens) is ready to roll.  I’ll be using it share information and exciting tidbits about my books.

And speaking of books. . my first book, FEARLESS, is scheduled to go live on several indie sites on December 1st.

More on that is forthcoming. Thanks for visiting. . .come back soon.

Peace, love and romance~

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