Tasmyn’s Tunes

Writing is often a solitary occupation.  When the voices are either too loud or not quite clear enough, sometimes music is a distraction or an inspiration.   Some lyrics can turn a story in a completely different direction.

The right music can give me incredible insight into my characters and their motivation. During the editing and revision process, listening to my original playlist reminds me why the plot line moved in a certain direction.

Most of my characters are also passionate about their music. Tasmyn listens to alt-rock, and her favorite bands, not surprisingly, are mine as well.  Michael likes contemporary country music, although when he drives, the original AM radio in his Mustang only plays oldies.  Tas tolerates his choices only because she loves him, but she’s trying to lure him into liking some of her favorite groups.

Nell is very selective in her musical tastes. She keeps up with the pop scene, but in reality, she loves classical music.  Her mother used to play soaring operas and introduced her daughter to Tchaikovski and Bach.  Nell listens to Dvorak’s The Noon Witch every night as she goes to sleep.  It was her mother’s favorite symphony.

If you want to know what particular songs inspired the action in FEARLESS, go to the playlist page and check it out.


Peace, love and romance~

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