A Successful Tour!

Talking books, writing and publishing is so much fun.  Touring is definitely going up there with my favorite parts of being a writer.

This tour was fairly awesome (as those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know–and if you don’t, why DON’T you follow me there??), and I want to share some highlights with you all.

–Talking to teenage girls who had read Fearless and were so excited to get Breathless. . .and those who had read the first two books and are impatient for the third.

–Spending time with kids who are passionate about art whatever form it takes and who asked insightful, meaningful questions during my talkbacks at SNJAPA.  I was so impressed.

–Having a reading and signing at the library that helped to shape my love of reading and to which my grandmother took me as a tot. I know that Nana was there tonight in spirit.

–Realizing that I have something to offer a new(er) writer, to help her realize a dream. I love being an indie author!

–Hearing a young girl, after having her book signed and photo snapped, run out announcing, “I got my picture taken with TAWDRA KANDLE!!”  Frankly I was impressed that she could pronounce my name.

So many, many more. . .and massive thanks to everyone who turned out and turned up, who supported, encouraged, shared, posted, tweeted, cajoled. . .cyber love to y’all.

And if you’re new to this page and found me via the NJ tour, leave a message and let me know.


Peace, love and romance~

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