A Few Thoughts

This is a sort of PS to the last post about the NJ tour.

I learned a few things that I found interesting.  First of all, the students with whom I spoke were very interested in the creative process as a whole, as it relates not only to writing but to all forms of art. They wanted to know what sparked a story, what kept me writing and what was hard.

I was really fascinated to learn that among the seniors were many e-reader fans, but in the sophomore class, there was not a Nook or Kindle among them, and they did not do e-books at all. A generation gap of sorts? Perhaps.

A few students still referred to my paperback books as ‘real’ books as opposed to e-books, which I reminded them were every bit as real. Not sure that made an impression, but I put it out there!

All of the audiences were equally receptive to indie authors as they were to trad pubs. . it didn’t even phase them.

Very cool to interact with my audiences!


Peace, love and romance~

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