Diagnosis: Love Trilogy Two (Noah and Alison)

Grey’s Anatomy meets Monday Night Football.

Heat and heart clash in this rollercoaster of a love story.



I’m Noah Spencer, famous football player, all-around good guy . . . and widower.

When my wife died, I knew that part of my life—the part where I could love or be loved—was over. But then I met Alison, and suddenly, I find myself beginning to believe in hope again.

But I know the kind of pain love can bring. I know what it feels like when my heart shatters.

Do I have the guts to risk it all again?


I’m Alison Wakely, physician, perpetual loner . . . and possible bad-luck charm.

Long ago, I resigned myself that true love and happily ever after aren’t in the cards for me. But then I met Noah, and he tempts me to trust in happiness again.

When everything begins to unravel, though, I realize I should have known better. I’m fated to be alone.

But fate has a way of surprising us now and then.

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When I got the news that my football career was over, I didn’t take it well.

At all.

Hey, everyone’s entitled to a bad day or two, right? How about several months of them? I’ve lost everything that mattered to me. Who could blame me for going a little wild now?

It’s all fun and games until I get a very unexpected wake-up call.


When Noah Spencer stopped taking my calls after his career-ending injury, I was a little hurt. After all, we’d had two amazing, promising dates, and he’d said things that made me  believe he really cared.

But now I really need to talk with him. I have news that won’t keep and important decisions that need his input.

Even if I don’t matter to him . . . I have to believe his baby will.


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Finding out I’m going to be a dad knocks me off my self-destructive path and makes me determined to do the right thing.

I know I’m going to be there for my child, no matter what.

But will the mother of my baby ever trust me enough to give me a second chance with her heart?


After weeks of rollercoaster uncertainty, suddenly I’m not by myself anymore on this journey to parenthood.

When Noah tells me he wants to be an involved dad, I don’t realize just how hands-on he plans to be.

I’m determined to protect my heart from his seductive smolder, but damn, he’s not making it easy to keep things all business.

Sometimes, I forget why I need to fight this feeling . . .

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The second trilogy in the best-selling Diagnosis: Love world is made up of two SHAMELESS CLIFFIES before the finale. You’ve been warned. The books release a week apart, so your angst doesn’t have to last long–and the happily ever after in book three is worth the journey.



Peace, love and romance~

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