Music Monday

I am in deep edits for Restless.  This is kind of a different experience for me; Fearless was adjusted, re-written and retooled so many times that I knew just about every line by heart.  Breathless was critiqued by my writing partners, so that book too was very familiar to me. But I haven’t really touched Restless since I finished writing it, so it’s fun jumping back into that world.

At the same time, I am chomping at the bit to finish the last book. . as yet untitled.  And so I’m really enjoying listening to music that inspires that part of the story.  These days, one of my favorites is Be My Only by FM Radio.  I love the music, the lyrics. . .it sounds just like something Michael might sing to Tasmyn.

Not sure what the rest of the playlist for this book will look like.  When I’m ready to get down to serious writing, I know it will all come together. . and the perfect music will present itself to me through the wonders of Pandora and iTunes. I can’t wait.

Peace, love and romance~

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