Chessie’s Story: More Paws to Love

Once upon a time, we had three black cats. They were two sisters and a brother, and they lived together in perfect harmony, along with the puppy who they tolerated.

61131_443240584144_855413_nAnd then my third daughter’s best friend, Sarah, found a cat outside her house. That cat, Sammy, turned out to pregnant. On June 6, 2010, we were in Augusta, Georgia, at a friend’s birthday party, and Sarah called to tell us Sammy had given birth!

That very day began Cate’s campaign to adopt one of the kittens. For a solid six weeks, she coerced, pestered, begged, made a persuasive movie, posted signs through the house . . . until her daddy gave in. Chessie, short for Cheshire Cat, came to live with us.

The black cats were not pleased. However, the puppy was overjoyed! He fell in love with Chessie29531_414172139144_2987448_n right away and adopted her as his little sister. He was afraid of the other cats, but Chessie was his baby. He’d nose her around, roll her over and nuzzle her little kitten tummy.

As long as we lived in Apopka, Chessie was an aloof, independent striped kitty. But when we moved to Sanford, Chessie wasn’t so happy. She hid in my son’s closet for days, and she would only come out for me.

From that time on, Chessie was a mommy’s girl. She doesn’t like to be separated from me . . . for 40611_430817914144_4634748_nany reason.  She has the thickest, most luxurious fur, big eyes, and she rarely meows: instead she trills and chuffs, like a tiger. Pretty sure she might be part big cat!




What could make seven contemporary romance shorts by award-winning and best-selling authors even better? Add seven sweet, scene-stealing pets . . . and then make the whole project a benefit for animal rescue charities!

That’s just what we’ve done. LOVE PAWS features short stories with a little bit of steam, a little of sweet and happy endings all around. Each story also includes a pet, just to give the romance a little boost.

This anthology releases April 19th, in celebration of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. You can preorder your copy today through iBooks, Amazon, Nook, Google or Kobo!

Each author will donate her portion of the proceeds to a specific animal charity.



Becca BoydFire Up

Rene FolsomBy Chance: A Playing Games Spin-off Novella

Alison FosterSaving Grace: A Beautiful Ruin Story

Olivia Hardin:  All in the Takeoff: A Rawley Family Romance

Tawdra Kandle: My One and Always (An Always Love Short)

Lyssa LayneDig Deep

Juli ValentiTaunt : A Twisted Wolf Tale


Peace, love and romance~

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