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I’m part of the Meet the Characters Blogfest, along with a boatload of other amazing authors. I hope you’ve been keeping up with it!

Today is my stop, and I have the privilege of sharing an interview with one of my favorite characters.

It’s always so much fun to chat with a friend, particularly one you’ve grown closer to over the past few years. So I was tickled when offered the chance to interview Nell Massler.

I met Nell five years ago, when I was writing FEARLESS, Book One of The King Series. Based on events in that book, I assumed our relationship would be short-lived.

Never make assumptions about fictional characters.

 Shortly after I began to write the second book of The King Series, BREATHLESS, Nell came to see me. It turned out that her story had not ended, and she actually went on to appear in all four books. And then, as it happened, I found out that her story went on after Tasmyn and Michael’s had ended, so much so that she needed her own book.

 Her story will continue in the Serendipity Duet (UNDENIABLE and UNQUENCHABLE), coming out at the end of this year.


Q: Tell us a little about your early life.

Nell: As you know, I was the only child of two powerful people. My father’s family is very active politically, and my mother is a strong and talented witch from a magical family whose roots go deep into the history of King. Sadly, my mother was taken from me when I was young. There was a scandal in our family, and I haven’t seen her since she was locked away.


Q: You mentioned the history of King. How did growing up in that unusual town affect you?

Nell: I am the descendant of Sarah, the witch who came to this country with Gravis King after he saved her from burning at the stake in Romania. If the town of King had any first lady, it would be Sarah. After my mother was taken from me, I was raised mostly by aunts and cousins who made sure I understood how important our family is, how essential it is that we continue to use the power Sarah gave us. It has always been part of me.


Q: We had some fan questions sent in for you, if you don’t mind. What is your deepest fear?

Nell: What happened in my junior year in high school was my deepest fear, realized. It was ending up like my mother, locked away. Now I fear nothing.


Q: Another fan question: Do you regret meeting Marica Lacusta? If not for her, would you and Tasmyn have been friends?

Nell: Might-have-beens are fascinating yet pointless. There are so many factors in each and every turning point of our lives. Marica was the most powerful influence on my life since my mother. The idea of losing her made me do things that I regret. And yet. . .without her, my path would be so different. So no regrets. Ever.

As for Tasmyn, would we have been friends? I don’t know. We are so much opposite, in our upbringing and our view on power. What she struggled to accept, I craved and sought out. But in the end, she may have been the person who knew me best, and I think I had a tremendous influence on her, as well.


Q: Last fan question: When will you wake up?

Nell: Here I am. Yes, I’m awake. Where I am, and who I am with, will be a huge part of my story going forward. I have a few surprises up my sleeve yet.


Q: Finally, you have always said that you don’t need a man in your life, that males are weak and easily manipulated. But since I know a few things others don’t, I’ll ask this: could there be love in your future?

Nell: I will just say that the right man can make a woman change all her rules and preconceived ideas. And then I would add that even if there is a component of love in my future, it won’t be anything like Tasmyn’s story. I bring too much baggage to the table to have a sweet romance. Like me, it will probably be difficult, stormy and complicated.

But that’s part of my charm, isn’t it?

To read more about Nell, don’t miss FEARLESS, which is free in ebook form on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Nell also appears in the other four books of The King Series, and will be in the upcoming SERENDIPITY DUET. Stay tuned here and on my Facebook page for release dates.

Peace, love and romance~

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