I’m Reading A Brand New Annie Crow Novel!

Ten years ago this coming fall, my oldest daughter entered her senior year of high school, and she was worried about the new English teacher she was going to have. She attended a small high school of performing arts, and the teachers and students all had a tight bond. Devyn was worried about having to get to know a brand-new teacher at the end of her school career.

I began to notice over the ensuing weeks that the words, “Ms. Gail says . . .” were becoming an almost daily part of our lives. Ms. Gail was apparently the exact teacher my daughter needed at this point, and I was so grateful for her compassion and support over the course of what was a very difficult year for our family.

Six years later, I was a published author, living in Florida, and during a trip to New Jersey, I spoke to the English classes at my daughter’s alma mater. One of the high points of the visit was connecting once again with ‘Ms. Gail’. Over the course of our conversation that day, Gail shared with me about a book she had written.

I think she sent me the first Annie book about a month later. I read it, and I fell in love.

Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise was published in July of 2013. The second bookAnnie CrowKnoll: Sunset came out a little over a year later. I was so honored and blessed to be involved with the publication of these beautiful books.

The third and final Annie Crow book is in final stages of production. I’m reading it again just now, giving it another read-through, and I’m so loving it. Gail has done it once again.

I don’t have a release date for this book yet, but I’ll share here when the book goes live. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the first two Annie Crow books yet, do it now. Jump on them and devour them so you’ll be ready when Annie Crow: Moonrise is released.

And that’s what I’m reading this Wednesday.



Peace, love and romance~

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