I’m Reading CAELUM: An Olde City Angels Book

If you know anything about me, you know I got my start in officially being an author with a group called the Twi-Writers. We met in a Twi-Moms forum, and we formed our own little critique group over the next few years. Out of those writers, some went on to be published (including yours truly), others went into the book review/blogging end and others are still pursuing their writing life.

One of them became very close to me. Mandie Stevens and I live about an hour apart, and I’ve been blessed by her all along the journey. She’s taught me more than I can say . . . even while she’s been on her own writing journey.

So it’s with tremendous joy, pride and some tears that I share this with you today–I’m reading (I actually already READ) Caelum: Olde City Angels Book One.


If you like Urban Fantasy, check this out. I happen to know, because I’ve been reading Mandie’s stuff for seven years, that this world is huge and fascinating. Angels, demons, fae, vampires, wolves, spirit walkers. . .all set in a place where history is a character in and of itself.

This is the story of how Eva and Thomas meet. Eva’s a guardian angel who had a couple of bad breaks, including losing a charge who became a vampire. Thomas is her new human liason. This mission they’re on together is huge for both of them, even if they don’t realize all the implications and potential fall-out.

Set in beautiful and mysterious St. Augustine, this story will draw you in and make you demand MORE of the world in which it’s set.

RUN now and buy this book, because you’ll fall in love with the characters.

Peace, love and romance~

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