#AprilReadingChallenge: Favorite Male Character

Welcome to April! It’s my favorite month of the year . . . for many reasons. First, of course, it’s spring. When I lived in a more season-oriented climate, April was the first month when we could count on more warm days than cold ones. And it was the month of daffodils, tulips and forsythia. The air was filled with fragrance.

And April is *my* month–I celebrate my birthday on the 7th!

This year, I also have a huge release on that same day. AGE OF AQUARIUS goes live on the 7th.

So when I saw this reading challenge for April, I thought . . . why not?

April 5: Favorite Male Character 

Kill me now! I’m well-known for having ALL the book boyfriends, so don’t even think about making me only choose one.

Let’s start a list:

Cheney from Liz Schulte’s Easy Bake Coven series–just think YUM!

Dorian from Stephanie Nelson’s Gwen Sparks series–Death never looked so freaking HOT!! And yes, he is mine. Hands off.

Nicky from Olivia Hardin’s Shifty Businessthis was tough, because I am more than a little in love with all of Olivia’s men, but damn . . . Nicky just does it for me. Swooooon . . .

Ferric from Mandie Stevens’ Olde City Angels books but even more from her forthcoming series . . . wow, he makes being bad look soooooo good. I claimed Ferric first, and the rest of you are sore out of luck.

Rafe from Sarina Bowen’s The Shameless Hour  . . . I had a hard time choosing from Sarina’s leading men, because I also love Blake Riley and Griffin and Zach and . . . well, all of them. But Rafe is probably my favorite. Today, anyway. He is the nice guy with the most sizzle ever.

Tam from C.G. Powell’s Logic and Terra Stella books, but especially here in Ghosts of Yuletide Past. Tam is in high demand, but let’s just say *I* have the inside track when it comes to this man.

Christian from Melissa Lummis’s Love and Light series . . . this conflicted guy stole my heart, even when I didn’t like the things he did.

Owen from Ginger Scott’s Wild Reckless. He’s another sexy boy who just is so dang good at doing bad things. Or bad at doing good things. Or . . . all of the above. Just read the book. Seriously.

And who is my favorite of MY male characters? Hmmmm . . . I think it’s got to be Rafe. He was my first, and he’ll always have a place in my heart. Loved that I got to write so much of him in Age of Aquarius

Peace, love and romance~

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