Place Your Bets! When will the royal baby be born?


The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting baby #3 any day now. Hopes that the newest royal would make his or her appearance on the Queen’s 92nd birthday were dashed yesterday when the day came and went with no hospital visits . . . so all bets are still ON!

Comment below with your prediction for:

–Date of birth

–Sex of baby (Prince or Princess!)

–Name of baby

This contest will ONLY go on until all the details have been announced, so hurry up and enter now! The commenter who comes the closest to being accurate (date of birth is first priority, others are tie-breakers) wins a $10 iBooks or Amazon gift card.

And while you’re waiting . . . jump over and preorder THE ANTI-CINDERELLA, my upcoming release that features an unlikely American woman in a romance with a H O T British prince. Yum!!

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Peace, love and romance~

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