A Little Posse Tease

Since we’re kicking off the Summer of Beach Lovin’, I thought we’d have a little Posse tease today. If you haven’t read this sizzling beach romance, grab it now, before the next book in the Crystal Cove series comes out in late June!

The Posse

The apartment over the restaurant was tiny. When she and Daniel had moved in after their wedding, it had been romantic and fun, finding used furniture, using mismatched dishes and pots and pans handed down from their families. Close quarters hadn’t been a problem. And even after Meggie was born, she had taken up so little space, and it had been handy to leave her sleeping upstairs while Jude worked in the restaurant, baby monitor hooked to her belt.

Since they’d moved, the apartment was more of a flophouse, Jude thought as she stripped off her shorts and T-shirt in the miniscule bathroom. It was a handy place to crash when the posse hung at the Tide and maybe had had a little too much to drink. The kids used it sporadically during their summers at home.

She’d considered selling the house and moving back here, right after Daniel died. The kids and her brother had talked her out of it, arguing that if she did that, she’d never get a break from work. They probably had a point.

Jude gave into the temptation of a quick shower, knowing her sister-in-law and friends were more than capable of running the show on their own for a few extra minutes. And it felt heavenly to let the water sluice over her, feel the grease and stress of the day slide down the drain.

Dressed again in a fresh shorts and a thin cotton tank top, she sprinted down the steps and ran smack into Logan.

She’d seen him that morning, of course, as she had opened up, but tonight he too was freshly showered, dressed in jeans and a white polo shirt that brought out a deep tan. His light brown hair was damp as it fell across his forehead.

He grabbed her arm to steady her. “Whoa, there. Where’s the fire?”

Jude felt that same disturbing skitter in her heartbeat that had been showing up whenever she saw him lately.

Logan, she reminded herself. This is just Logan, one of my best friends.

“The fire better be in my kitchen, under some burgers.” To prove to herself that she could, Jude tiptoed and kissed Logan’s cheek. “Glad you’re here. Ready to see my plan spring into action?”

Logan released her arm, frowning. Jude wondered if she’d upset him with the kiss.

“Seeing as neither of the necessary parties are here yet, I think I have a little while before show time.”

Now it was Jude’s brow that furrowed. “Matt’s not here yet? Or Sandra? Are you sure? I told them both five.” She scanned the room.  “It’s twenty after.”

Logan shrugged. “I heard there was traffic on the bridge. Maybe that hung up your friend.” His eyes lingered on Jude’s damp hair, wandered down her neck, making her acutely aware of the small rise of her breasts visible at the top of the tank.

She shook her head to clear it. “Did you get a drink yet? Sam’s supposed to be making one for me.” She didn’t wait for an answer but turned to head for the bar.

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Peace, love and romance~

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