The Serendipity Duet: You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

Ever since I announced my plans to write a two-book spin-off of my young adult quartet THE KING SERIES, I’ve had a lot of questions. Now that UNDENIABLE, Book 1 of The Serendipity Duet, is nearing release, I decided to share some of those, along with answers.

Free free to leave your own questions below.

  • What King Series characters are featured in The Serendipity Duet? Quite a few. Featured main characters include Rafe Brooks, Nell Massler, Cathryn Whitmore and Zoe Hamilton. There are also some surprise pop-up appearances from some supporting cast members. You’ll have to read it to see.
  • Why a spin-off series? Why not more books in THE KING SERIESBecause THE KING SERIES was Tasmyn’s Fearless | The King Series Book 1 | Tawdra Kandlestory, and Tasmyn’s story is finished, for my purposes. I am not saying I will never write another story about her again–she may have a short in my planned King anthology–but she and Michael got their happily-ever-after, and I’m finished. A spin-off series was necessary because both Rafe and Nell demanded their own books. It just happened to work out well.
  • Is The Serendipity Duet young adult? No, it’s not. It is definitely New Adult. I want to make this crystal clear! Both books include some sexual scenes as well as some swearing and other adult situations. I will repeat: UNDENIABLE and UNQUENCHABLE are not YA books.
  • Why did you choose to make The Serendipity Duet New Adult instead of YA? This was, in some ways, a difficult decision because I know so many young people who have loved Tasmyn, Michael and the other characters from King and would like to read more about Rafe and Nell. However, I had three reasons for making the books NA: one, the stories as they unfurled before me were decidedly NOT YA. Two, the characters’ ages made more sense in NA. Three, I am moving away from writing YA altogether. Although I enjoyed my time in King, I know that my passion (no pun intended) lies with NA and adult romance. 
  • Breathless | The King Series Book 2 by Tawdra KandleCan you read The Serendipity Duet without reading The King Series? You can, certainly, but you will probably enjoy the books more if you’ve read at least BREATHLESS and RESTLESS. And it wouldn’t hurt to read ENDLESS as well. So you might as well go ahead and read all four, since FEARLESS is the first book. Happily, there is a handy omnibus ebook now available on Amazon and Smashwords so you can read all about King in one place.
  • When does The Serendipity Duet take place in the timing of The King Series? UNDENIABLE picks up about three months after the end of RESTLESS and a good portion of it takes place at the same time as ENDLESS. If you include the short stories related to these two series, UNDENIABLE also crosses a little into Stardust on the Sea (from ETERNAL SUMMER). UNQUENCHABLE takes place a little during Stardust and then has its own chronology independent of The King Series. 
  • Do Tasmyn and Michael appear in The Serendipity Duet? Well. . .yes and no. They are mentioned, certainly, and they are seen, but they are not active characters. 
  • Anything else we should know about The Serendipity Duet? You should know that the first book, UNDENIABLE, ends on a sort of cliff-hanger. I don’t usually do that, but this is how it worked out. Rest assured, book 2, UNQUENCHABLE will follow shortly. 

Peace, love and romance~

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  1. Tawdra, please tell me when “Unquenchable” will be released! I found the King Series by accident but I’m so happy that I did! I could not wait to get home and escape to King! I’m obsessed with your books! Please let me know & keep the books comin! Thank you, Kim Putney in Lisbon, NY

    1. Hi, Kim! Thanks so much. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the books. Unquenchable will be released on April 7th 🙂

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