Matt and Alexandria: The Valentine One Bonus Scene


The Wedding of Matt Westin and Alexandria Rosara



You are cordially invited to witness the marriage of 

Alexandria Corinne Rosara


Matthew James Westin

 October 14th

The Westin Family Farm

Burton, Georgia

Regrets Only



“It occurs to me that maybe we should have listened to your mother and asked people to actually respond to our invitation instead of only letting us know if they weren’t coming.” I rested my chin in my hand and stared glumly at the seating chart that lay on the table in front of me. “Because what if some people aren’t coming, and they just haven’t let us know, and then we end with just one or two people at a table? That would be so depressing for the person stuck there alone.”

“Uh-huh.” Matt was reading something on his phone, and the absent tone of his voice gave me a sneaking suspicion that he wasn’t really listening to me.

I narrowed my eyes. “And then just think of when I walk down the aisle naked. If there aren’t enough people there to witness it, what’s the point? Where’s the drama?”

“You always bring the drama, babe, no matter where you go, and since I’m hoping all that nakedness would be for me, having fewer people there wouldn’t be a problem. Although seeing you strut down the aisle in your birthday suit might be a little embarrassing for my parents and my grandparents, come to think of it.” He raised his amused gaze to meet mine. “I’m always listening to you, baby. Never doubt it.”

“Well, it seems like you’re paying more attention to whatever’s on your phone there than to this really pressing issue of the seating chart, so you can’t blame a girl for jumping to conclusions.”

“You know what?” Matt dropped his phone and reached for the chart. Picking it up, he crumpled it into a ball and tossed it in the general direction of the trash can. “Fuck the seating chart. People are adults. They can figure out where they want to sit all by themselves. Why should we have to agonize over something most adults do on their own every day?”

It was a liberating decision. “You’re absolutely right, sweetie. See, this is why I keep you around. This is why I’m marrying you. Because you remind me of the important stuff.”

“Speaking of important stuff . . .” Matt snagged my hand and tugged me toward him, pulling me onto his lap. “Did you happen to notice that the house is empty? Mom and Dad are both out harvesting, and now that we’ve eliminated the problem of the dreaded seating chart, we have time on our hands.” He began nibbling down my neck. “What to do, what to do . . .”

“Matt.” Giggling despite myself, I pushed at his shoulder. “We can’t. We shouldn’t. Your parents are out in the fields, working hard . . . the only reason we’re not out there helping is because we had this wedding shit to do. If we’re not going to do it, we should go out and help. Otherwise, I’m going to feel guilty. Your family is already bending over backwards to make our wedding happen here, right smack in the busiest time of the year. We should do whatever we can to lighten their load.”

“Good idea.” Matt stood up suddenly, scooping me into his arms. “We should go upstairs and get changed so we can get out there and give my parents a hand. Of course, while we’re getting changed, there will be some of that aforementioned nakedness, so who knows what might happen?” With a growl, he nuzzled my neck while he headed for the stairs. “Also, you mentioned bending over backwards, and now I’ve got a mental image of bending you over my bed and fucking you from behind.”

Heat suffused my entire body, and I felt a needy tingle in several interesting places. “Technically, fucking me from behind means I won’t be bending over backwards. I’ll be bending over frontwards.”

“Frontwards, backwards . . . who the hell cares as long as I’m fucking you?” Matt reached the top of the steps and kicked open the door to his bedroom.

“And this is just another reason why I love you,” I murmured. “Because you’re excellent at cutting through the things that don’t matter and drilling in on what’s important.”

Matt’s eyes glittered down at me, and one of his eyebrows rose. “Speaking of drilling, baby . . .” He dropped me onto the mattress and smacked my ass. “Get those clothes off. We don’t have any time to waste with the niceties today. It’s almost lunch, and my parents could wander back at any minute.”

As I stripped off my T-shirt and shed my jeans, watching my fiancé do the same, I realized that Matt really did know me well. He knew which buttons to push. He was fully aware that while another woman might get squiffy about her soon-to-be in-laws showing up while she was doing the nasty with their baby boy, for me, the threat of discovery only made me hotter.

Plus, I trusted Matt enough to know that he’d never put me in a position that might embarrass me or his parents.

Speaking of putting me into a position . . .my man didn’t waste any time. Like he’d said, today wasn’t an occasion for slow and seductive. It was all about the quick hit of pleasure, something we both needed in these crazy days leading up to our wedding.

Once we were both naked, Matt sat me on the edge of the bed. Holding my face in both of his hands, he laid a bruising, passionate kiss on my lips, setting the tone for what was coming next. Or maybe who was coming next . . .

And then he released me and guided me to stand up, resting my upper body across the mattress. I felt his bobbing erection against my backside, and then Matt’s hands were parting my legs, and his warm breath brushed over my throbbing center.

“I thought this was going to be quick and dirty.” My breath was coming in short bursts.

“Quick and dirty doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy this part of you.” His mouth covered my pussy, sucking hard, his tongue stroking me before his fingers joined the fun, too, sliding in and out of my entrance. “It just means you better come damn quick, babe.” His teeth scraped gently over my clit. “Like, now.”

His thumb rubbed my clit while two fingers began a merciless rhythm. Within seconds, my back was arched as I called out my pleasure in a garbled mix of profanity and love.

I was still soaring when Matt gripped my hips and thrust into me, his long, hard cock stretching and filling me. He groaned and took me faster, with strokes designed to grapple his own pleasure, even as he knew he was bringing mine as well.

“So damn fucking tight. So damn fucking good.” One hand reached down to circle my waist, lifting me up so that my back pressed against his chest. The other hand captured my fingers and led them down to where we were joined.

“Feel us, baby. Feel me fucking you. Rub yourself and get off on it.”

Once I was doing what he’d ordered, almost sobbing with the overwhelming sensation, he cupped one of my breasts, his fingers pinching the nipple. It was all I needed to send me over the edge again, calling out his name as I felt him follow me into bliss.


“Hey, babe?” I was sprawled over his chest as we both lazed on his bed. I knew we should get up and get dressed, but it felt so good just to relax a little.

“Yeah?” Matt’s voice was rough, and his fingers danced down my spine.

“What were you looking at your phone before? Downstairs, I mean?”

I felt his body tense slightly under me, and dread flickered at my heart.

“Ah . . . Lorice texted me.” It wasn’t unusual that Matt’s PR rep would be in touch, particularly this close to the wedding. But clearly there was something else up. I kept silent, waiting for him to go on.

“She said there’s buzz that the press is planning to crash the wedding. I guess a couple of outlets have tried to rent helicopters to get aerial views of the farm, and some reporters and photographers are going to pose as wedding guests to get in.”

“Fuck.” I buried my face in his neck. “What’re we going to do?” A horrifying picture of our special day turning into a three-ring circus filled my mind, and I thought of Tori’s early warnings. Matt’s sister and Hunter had kept their wedding a secret, not telling invitees what was going on until they’d arrived at the farm. But Matt and I hadn’t believed we needed to keep that level of secrecy. Apparently, we’d been naïve.

“Well, here’s the thing,” Matt answered me slowly. “Lorice said she wanted me to be aware, but she also wanted me to know that it seems the whole town of Burton is taking care of things for us. Word’s spread that everyone should be on the lookout for suspicious strangers, and I guess Mason called a contact of his at the airport in Savannah, asking them not to rent copters to anyone planning to fly this way on Thursday.” A note of pride crept into Matt’s voice. “They’re protecting us.”

I grinned and sat up a little. “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. And you know what? Let them come. If anyone gets through . . . what the hell. It’s our wedding. It’s a celebration. It’s love. It’s real. And I don’t care if the whole world sees it. In fact, I hope they do.”

Matt’s answering smile was slow and wide. He slid his hand around the back of my neck and drew me down for a kiss.

“Baby, have I told you lately that I love you, and that you’re fucking incredible?”

Framing his face with one hand, I deepened the kiss, breaking only for the briefest moment to answer him.

“Right back at you, sweetheart. Right back at you.”

Peace, love and romance~