The Big Reveal . . .

If you read my books, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In season 5, the Big Bad is a god named Glory who (spoiler alert!!) shares a body with a human named Ben. The audience sees this early in the season, but Buffy and the Scooby gang don’t realize it until close to the end. There is a spell that prevents people from remembering it if they happen to witness Glory changing to Ben or vice verse, resulting in some very funny dialogue, as no one can remember except Spike, who is somehow exempt from the spell.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, because I have a secret to share. You see, I share my body not with a god but with another writer.

A few years ago, when erotica was selling big, I was invited to be part of an anthology called Just A Night. Because at the time, my husband was transitioning from hospice chaplaincy into parish ministry, I felt it would be more prudent to write my more, ah, adventurous romances under a pen name.

And that’s how Emma Fallon was born.

(Incidentally, I found her name on a tombstone in New Orleans, because that seemed just perfect. She died on my grandmother’s birthday, five years after Nana was born. I don’t know what the original Emma was like, but I hope she didn’t mind me co-oping her name.)

Now, Emma’s done all right. She’s released seven books over the past three years, but since my own writing schedule has been so intense, I haven’t paid as much attention to her development as I should have done. And now I’ve decided it’s time for Emma to come out of the closet, so to speak.

What this means is that I’m integrating Emma’s newsletter list with Tawdra’s and also including her on this website. I’ll be updating the Books pages to encompass hers. And because I’ve had people asking for it, we might see a couple of Emma releases sooner rather than later.

Emma has two main series, and both contain shorter books. Good Vibrations is set in the mid-1960’s in South Jersey. Tom and Caroline meet one summer night and share an unforgettable night. She’s a divorcee, and he’s about to be deployed to Vietnam. What happens that night–and thereafter–is told in their first three books: More Than Words, Baby, I’m Yours and Save It For Me. There will be more books in this series.

Small Town Swingers is more traditional erotica, about a woman named Tess who moves to a small Southern town and gets involved in a group that meets for more than just coffee. There are four books in this serial: Welcome to Paradise, The Heat is On, Night Moves and Fading Into You.

I hope you’ll check out Emma’s Facebook page and her books, too!



Peace, love and romance~

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