Serendipity Series Playlists

Undeniable Playlist

For Rafe Brooks, running from a broken heart means losing himself in alcohol and women. Lots of women, none of whom will remember him, since he has the ability to manipulate their minds and make them forget.

Numbing the pain works until he meets an irresistible redhead with secrets of her own. She offers him the opportunity to join forces with an organization that will use his powers for good rather than his own amusement.

Jocelyn rocks his world with her unapologetic passion and makes him believe for the first time he just might survive heartbreak.

When a mission takes the two of them undercover to infiltrate a commune with suspicious activity, they discover it’s just the tip of a plot to cause world-wide anarchy. Hiding their extraordinary powers and real identities is crucial to staying alive.

For Rafe and Jocelyn, when life is uncertain, love is undeniable.

In UNDENIABLE, Rafe’s music had to be evocative of his pain, of the struggle he faced to get away from and over Tasmyn Vaughan. Rafe doesn’t stick to strict categories in music; sometimes he likes hard-played rock, others he enjoys soft country. He’s a complex guy.

Almost Lover     A Fine Frenzy

Not Over You     Gavin DeGraw

All Over You     Spill Canvas

World Spins Madly On     The Weepies

Why Can’t I Have You    The Cars

Undeniable     Mat Kearney

Burn     Jo Dee Messina

Unquenchable Playlist

In Book One, Undeniable, Rafe Brooks told his story. Now it’s Nell’s turn. . .

Nell Massler is a powerful witch from an ancient magical family. Before she was eighteen years old, she attempted murder—not once, but twice. Committed to a psych ward, she attempts to right her wrongs and almost loses her life.

While she’s lost in a coma, Caruthers Initiative Institute develops a vested interest in waking Nell—and offering her a chance at redemption.

Nell is given a fresh start in exchange for saving her fellow agent, Rafe Brooks. Keeping him alive and in hiding will require every ounce of her extraordinary abilities. Not falling head over heels for the sexy mind manipulator will take a miracle.

It’s when they uncover a plot to destroy the world that Nell will be put to the test… will she choose Rafe and to do the right thing? Or will she succumb to the temptation of evil yet again?


Nell is a strong woman, and her book needed music sung by strong women about strong women.

Tough         Kellie Pickler

My Life Would Suck Without You     Kelly Clarkson

One More Time With Feeling     Regina Spektor

Yesterday    Adam Levine

Hold You Up     Amy Courts

Dead Hands of the Past     The Anarchists

You and I    Anarbor

The Story   Brandi Carlile

Distance    Christina Perri

Going Under    Evanescence

Rhiannon   Fleetwood Mac

Breathe Again     Sara Bareilles

Arms    Christina Perri

Peace, love and romance~