Speak Up. Reach Out. Offer Hope.



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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I hate that we have to create a day like this; hate that we need to talk about stopping people from choosing to end their own lives.

WSPDAYsiteimagesBut we do.

Suicide is never a viable answer. It’s never a good solution, because it is not a solution at all.

There are a million reasons why someone might feel compelled to take this drastic action. In my own family experience, I’ve known people who committed suicide because they feared a horrible health issue, or because they were being bullied, mistreated by their peers, or because they suffered from mental illness.

For every reason there might be to consider ending a life, there are trillions more not to do it.

You can be part of the solution. Speak up: talk to friends and family, reminding them that you’re a listening ear and willing shoulder. Reach out: if you sense anyone in your life or who crosses your path might be considering ending his or her life, don’t keep silent. Say something. Don’t worry about looking silly or feeling stupid. And offer hope: speak life to others, speak encouragement, tell them that each day offers new promises.

If you are struggling with anything that is making you consider suicide, please don’t. There are people who want to help, resources open to you and places to turn.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 (800) 273-8255

Lifeline Crisis Chat

To Write Love On Her Arms

And there’s always me. I’m willing to talk to you. You can get to me via this site, or email me at ttk467@mac.com. Message me on Facebook. I’ll keep whatever you tell me confidential, and I’ll listen.

It would break my heart if anyone reading this felt there was no one to help or to listen. WSPsite2images

Help is available. Hope is real. Life is sacred. You matter. No one else can play your part.