Same People, New Story: When Series Expand




I’m working on a book right now that will be released toward the end of December. It’s not a book I planned to write, but it’s one that begged to be written.

When I wrote BEST SERVED COLD last year, I still labored under the delusion that I was capable of writing one-off books. Ah, silly, silly me. . .no. Before that story was finished, I knew it had another connected to it, and that’s why JUST DESSERTS came out this past summer. These two books were supposed to be a duo. A duo is two. I know that. You know that.

Clearly the characters and some readers did not want to accept that.

Because as soon as Ava and Liam’s story came out, I had messages and emails from readers asking me to please consider giving them more of this couple. I totally understood, because I loved these two crazy kids, too. But how to do this? Hmmm. . .

And then right around the time I was pondering this conundrum, Sarah Bareilles, one of my all-time favorite singers, released a single from her new album, and it was called I Choose You. The words were so perfect for Ava and Liam, and it dawned on me. . .of course. Ava and Liam needed a wedding book.

It’s been fun to play with where these two are two years after the end of their book. They’ve graduated from college, and we see that their relationship has grown stronger and flourished in that time. Since they had such a winding road to each other, it’s been gratifying to see what happened once everything came together for them.

I hope you’ll come along on their journey with me. We’ll be revealing the cover shortly–it’s gorgeous!–and I’ll have pre-order links for you. I can’t wait!

Peace, love and romance~

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