Meet the Writers of Romantic Edge Books: 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me #rebelwriters #meetREB





Get ready to meet the fearless and feckless women of REB: Romantic Edge Books–Nine Authors Writing LOVE with an EDGE!

And what better way to become acquainted than by learning 20 things about us you probably didn’t know?

So start here by discovering my most closely-guarded secrets and then be sure to follow the linky and read about everyone else’s skeletons.

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1) I am passionate about football, particularly college football. I have a very eclectic order of preference when it comes to pro teams.

2) My grandparents were in the rodeo with Roy Rogers and his first wife. 


3) When I was growing up, our family dog was the one my father brought back from Vietnam.

4) Both my father and my husband were West Point grads. I logged more time at the Point than I did at my own college.

5) I have lived in nine states and spent time in every state except Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

6) My first published story was “The Mystery of Bennett House”, in Child’s Life magazine when I was 13.


7) We have a real problem with salt and pepper shakers in our house. One or the other throws itself from the shelf about every other month.

8) I don’t eat seafood, fish or eggs. I am a landatarian.

9) My sister and I can and do quote Buffy and Friends episodes to each other. Some of them I know by heart.

10) I met the person who is now my business partner and one of my best friends in an online Twilight moms group.


11) There is something in my body that affects clocks and watches. Timepieces all go wonky around me. Only my iPhone seems to be unaffected. . .for now.

12) Although I don’t like reality television, I adore anything on the Food Network, especially The Next Food Network Star.

13) I am a Shakespeare nerd. I minored in English with a concentration in Shakespearean studies, and no writer can make me laugh or cry like the Bard.

14) My favorite way to unwind is driving country roads, alone, music blaring.

15) My first car was a 1966 Mustang with amazing power.

16) Until I was four years old, my grandmother had me convinced that the South had won the War of Northern Aggression. When my father made her tell me the truth, she taught me to add, “The South will rise again!”

17) I have an uncanny ability to hang things on walls perfectly the first time, including groupings of pictures. This talent has served me well considering how often we move. . .

18) My first two kids were born in Hawaii, and the last two in New Jersey.

19) I make wicked good salads.

20) Until I was two years old, my eyes were blue. My mother put me down for a nap, and when I awoke, my eyes were green. My mother was so freaked out, she took me the doctor.

Peace, love and romance~

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