Building Community in Love and Hope: Why and How and Where We Are

Community is a huge deal for me. It’s one of the main reasons I write books, and one of the unexpected benefits to being an author. I’m blessed to have a group of readers who support one another in love, across miles and time and space. This is enormously important to me.

That’s also why my husband and I feel God has called us to the ministry of community. We want to offer hope. We are called to a belief in hope.

Read more about our ministry here.

We work hard all the time to use the resources God gives us wisely, whether that’s supporting others in need, providing meals, buying necessary items for The Community Garden or being able to pay our own rent, utilities, gas and food.
We rely wholly on donations for the ministry’s support. We are SO grateful for every little bit given. Nothing is ever taken for granted. Nothing is wasted or unappreciated.
God is good, and His provision is perfect. At times, in the beauty of His economy, He moves others to donate in order to bless both the giver and recipient.
So although we don’t like to ask for anything–we try to be as self-sufficient as possible–this month we do need to ask for help. I’d like to share our blessings and the associated needs.
If you are so moved, you can help by donating at YouCaring (https://www.youcaring.com/thecommunitychaplain-880048) OR by donating through our dedicated PayPal button: paypal.me/TheCommunityChaplain .
BLESSING: When God called us to this ministry, we had no idea what it would look like. We didn’t know to whom we would be ministry or what it would involve. We only knew God was asking us to rely wholly on Him and to trust in His leading and His provision. At first, that meant a lot of empty downtime for Father Clint, who had to learn that God calls us to seasons of rest and reflection as well as to seasons of work. Now it is definitely a season of work! Clint is on the go 7 days a week. He drives as far as he must, and we are grateful for the blessing of his old truck, which gets him from point A to point B without too much worry.
NEED: Clint is so busy now, ministering around central Florida on a daily basis, that his gas costs are climbing. His truck is about to lose a tire. The transmission fluid needs replacing. He does all the work himself, but parts are still pricey. 


Our third daughter Cate is in her last month of her first year at Unity College in Maine. This education was entirely funded by a wonderful scholarship from Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. We are grateful, and even though there were times throughout the year when we weren’t sure how she was going to cover things like car insurance, gas and flights home for holidays, God provided.


Cate’s car is in serious mechanical trouble. The experts in Maine have advised that the engine needs to be replaced. She needs to get it home to Florida, if she can, so that she can drive to her internship in Fort Myers this summer. She plans to drive it as far as Gettysburg in May, where we have a trusted mechanic who can give her an honest assessment of its future. PLEASE PRAY for Cate and Haley’s safety as they drive from Maine to Pennsylvania, for good news about the car, and for provision for them to make it back to Florida.


My book sales have been able to sustain us for nearly a year, covering our rent (which is amazingly reasonable, thanks to our wonderful landlady), our utilities (electric and water–we don’t have landlines or cable) and our food, as well as providing enough to pay for Clint’s gas, car insurance, the costs of providing for those who are in need of food or other essentials, and certain associated costs of doing pastoral work.


In February and March, sales dipped to an all-time low for me (and for many other authors). Since royalties are paid on a 90 day basis, that means that May and June are going to be challenging months. I’ve looked into getting a job to help supplement my author income, but so far, we’ve only hit dead ends there. Please pray for God’s provision so that we can continue to keep a roof over our heads, the lights burning and food on the table.


A new senior living facility opened this spring, and Clint approached them to offer pastoral help. We weren’t sure what was going to come of it; believe it or not, people are very suspicious when free services are offered. However, slowly Allegro began to ask Clint to do things–to lead a weekly Bible study–and then offered us the use of their facilities for our weekly service. Clint now leads a weekly service for the residents and the larger community, as well as services for the memory care unit.


While Allegro provides us the linen for the altar, the cross, the candles and the room itself, we provide the elements for Eucharist (grape juice, wine, matzah, oil). This isn’t much, but it’s still a weekly need.


The Community Garden is a huge blessing! It teaches us so much–patience, trust, endurance–and its fruits (well, they technically vegetables!) go to feed those who might otherwise not have fresh produce. Plus, it opens opportunities for people of different generations to interact and work together.


The Garden has needs if it is to keep growing (literally and figuratively!). We need equipment for irrigation (about $100). We need a new wheelbarrow (about $75). We need seeds (about $50). We need physical help–every Saturday from 9-12, a group meets at the garden to work.

Again, if you are so moved, if you feel God is asking you to help in any way–feel free to reach out to me via email (tjkandle@gmail.com) or comment here, or message me on Facebook.

And again–if you are so moved, you can help by donating at YouCaring (https://www.youcaring.com/thecommunitychaplain-880048) OR by donating through our dedicated PayPal button: paypal.me/TheCommunityChaplain .  

For more information on The Community Chaplain, you can check out our website, visit our Facebook page (and The Community Garden page!) and sign up for our periodical newsletter.

And prayer support and encouragement is always appreciated.

Thank you and bless you for your support and encouragement!

Peace, love and romance~

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