A Little Posse Love

It’s the Summer of Beach Lovin’ . . . and of course for me that means The Posse!

I have serious love for this book. I’d never thought about writing contemporary romance until the entire story fell into my mind one day on my drive home from the beach. And I was immediately smitten.

Since The Posse is going to be part of an amazing new box set, Hot Beach Romance: Sand, Sunshine and Sizzle, I was preparing it this weekend and skimming over the book. I got sucked back into Jude and Logan’s love story, and yes, I’ll admit there were some sniffles!

This story not only has the feels, it has some humor. I loved this scene from the morning-after Jude and Logan first, uh, connect. Enjoy your Teaser #Tuesday!

(If you haven’t read The Posse, you can buy it on iBooks/Amazon/Nook/Kobo/Google Play or get it free when you sign up for my newsletter. Or you can preorder Hot Beach Romance and read it on June 28th!)

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Jude opened her eyes to bright sunshine. She groaned, covered her face, and rolled over, stopping abruptly when she ran into the hard body in bed with her.


She sat up too fast and felt the morning-after effects of the limoncello. Dropping her head into her hands, she tried to sit very still, just until the room stopped spinning.


Memories from the night before washed over Jude, and she was positive that her blush reached places she didn’t even want to consider. Logan’s hand brushed over her bare back, skimmed lower. She groaned.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard him chuckle. If it hadn’t required moving, she might have reached over to smack him.

“Your head hurt?”

Jude peeked out from one hand. “What do you think?” Her voice was thick, and her mouth felt as though like she’d eaten a bag of cotton balls.

“I think you need coffee, maybe with a little something in it.”

Jude gasped and jumped out of bed, her heart pounding. “The sun! My God, what time is it? The Tide, I’m late! People are going to be waiting…” She trailed off, abruptly aware that she was completed naked and Logan was enjoying the view.

She yanked the blanket off the bed and wrapped it around her. “Would you please stop? You’re staring at me.”

“Yes, I am.” He leaned toward her, as though to snag the blanket, and Jude skirted out of reach.

“Logan, did you hear me? I’m—” She squinted at the old digital clock next to the bed. “Shit, it’s almost eight. I’m two hours late opening the Tide.”

He sat up and the sheet sagged dangerously low around his waist. Jude’s eyes ranged over his chest, the defined pecs and abs and the trail of light brown hair that trailed down—

She closed her eyes as the room swung around again. My God, I slept with Logan.

He was speaking, and she tried to focus on his words, not on his chest. “Yes, it’s almost eight. And yes, the Tide is going to open late today. But guess what, sugar? The world isn’t ending. Calm down.”

Jude perched on the edge of the bed, still clutching the blanket. “People are going to know. Your car is parked in the lot, right? And when my regulars showed up at six, expecting their breakfast, they saw my car, and they saw your car. And a locked door.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” Logan found his boxers, stood and pulled them on. Jude averted her gaze as memories of the night before burned. She couldn’t think of that now. It was all too much, too confusing on top of the mess that was her life. She dropped back onto the bed, throwing an arm over her eyes. On second thought, maybe hiding up here wasn’t a bad option.

She felt Logan’s finger trace her cheekbones. “Jude, take a breath. Get a shower. I’ll go down and start the coffee, turn on the grills. If anyone asks, I’ll explain you weren’t feeling well last night, slept here and called me to come over to help this morning. Okay?”

Jude nodded, not quite ready to trust her voice yet. She heard Logan moving around the room, pulling on clothes. She heard him go into the bathroom, and when he passed her a few minutes later, heading for the steps, she reached out to catch his hand.

“Logan, thank you.” She swallowed. “For this. And for last night.”

He was still for a moment, then his hand within hers and squeezed it. “Jude, I hope by now you know I’d do anything for you.”

Peace, love and romance~

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