The Last One. . .It’s a Little Bit Country

The Last One

I was raised on an eclectic mix of music, mostly popular, but with a dash of just about everything else. The most country we got though was probably Glen Campbell or Dolly Parton.

The Last OneWhen I moved to Wisconsin in 1992, we discovered we were in the heart of country music territory. And it was a good time for country music, too: the Judds had just retired, but everyone else was exploding. It was the heyday of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Reba Jackson.

Although my attention to the country music industry has waxed and waned over the years, I’ve stayed loyal to a few of my favorites, including Brad Paisley. I was deep in the writing process for The Last One last summer when I went to see Brad’s show with my daughter. I already knew Sam and Meghan’s playlist was country, and I’d chosen most of the songs, two I heard that night became for me the epitome of Sam and Meghan’s story. The first was Trouble Is by opening act Charlie Worsham. It so perfectly captured how Sam felts about Meghan that it gave me shivers. The second was Beat This Summer  by Brad himself. I fell in love with that song. It’s about summer, and a summer love that might not make it to autumn.

The playlist for The Last One is one of my favorites. When I listen to it, I’m transported to the summer of 2014 and the town of Burton, Georgia.

Check it out here. OH–and don’t forget, right now The Last One is free on all venues. Grab it up now before The Only One comes out April 7th.

Peace, love and romance~

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