Notes from the Asylum: Nell Speaks



Our favorite villain from The King Series is Nell. This conversation took place at the asylum where she was placed at the end of FEARLESS. . .before the beginning of BREATHLESS. Take it away, Nell. 


Dr. Cramer: Good morning, Nell. I’m glad you could be with me today.

Nell: Oh, yes. Because I had a choice.

Dr. Cramer: You always have a choice, Nell. Let’s talk about what happened in the woods that day in King.

Nell: Why?

Dr. Cramer: Because it’s the key event that brought you here to our fine facility.

Nell: Fine. But you’re not going to believe me anyway.

Dr. Cramer: Try me.

Nell: Okay. It’s your hour, after all.

Dr. Cramer: So you’d had a run-in with. . .(looks at notes). . .uh, Tasmyn. And you were unhappy with the lack of resolution.

Nell: I was unhappy with the lack of the blood sacrifice I’d planned. Amber was meant to die, to give me the power jolt I needed. To prove to Marica that I was worthy of her time, when she’d started paying too much attention to Tasmyn.

Dr. Cramer: So you say. You planned to murder this other girl? This Amber?

Nell: Murder is such an ugly word. I planned to use her to facilitate the blood sacrifice. Yes, her survival would’ve been. . .doubtful. But it never happened because Michael and Tasmyn came flying in to save the day. And it was a little while after that I begin to suspect what Tasmyn can do.

Dr. Cramer: And just what did you think Tasmyn could do?

Nell: I know what she can do. She can read minds. Or hear them. Whatever. So I gave her a red herring–making her think I was going to hurt her precious boyfriend Michael–and she fell for it.

Dr. Cramer: How did she fall for it, exactly?

Nell: She left school early and was heading to the clearing the forest, but I waylaid her before that. I knocked her on the head outside of school, took her to the clearing, and used her for the ritual. It was going to be perfect, because she had power, where Amber had none. I was going to drink deep from what she had to offer. It was marvelous.

Dr. Cramer: But that didn’t happen, either.

Nell: No, because Michael came to her rescue again, and so did her other two friends. I might’ve overpowered them, too–I had Michael on the ground, with my knife at his throat–but that stupid Cara brought her father, and he. . .he did something. He had some kind of power, something I’d never felt before. Anyway, they got me. And then you got me.

Dr. Cramer: Nell, you don’t seem to have any regrets. No remorse.

Nell: I don’t.

Dr. Cramer: How can you hope to progress if you don’t see what you did was deeply wrong?

Nell: I don’t hope to progress. I hope to get the hell out of this place and go finish what I started.

Dr. Cramer: Nell, this is a very secure facility, and I don’t think there’s any way you could ever–gah! What’s that? Fire! (runs to doorway) Security! (turns back to office) Nell, let me—Nell? Nell! Where’d she go? Security!

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  1. Oh, The King Series sounds good. I’d never heard of it before. Thank you for participating in this hop/for introducing me!

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