Monday Musings: Why Joss Whedon Rocks

Am I desperate for a topic? Maybe. But the fact remains, this is about the coolest thing I could blog.

All of my books mention or refer to Joss Whedon or one of his shows or movies in some form. This is because Joss is the master of all things wonderful when it come to television and movies. Oh, and short internet shows. (See: Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long)

I’ve chronicled how I stumbled upon this paragon of paranormal elsewhere. But let’s talk about a little about some of Joss’s work.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Yes, I’m a little crazed about this show, still, ten years after it went off the air. But hey, this was life and culture changing stuff. The writing and the characters were irresistible. My sister and I rarely have a conversation, aloud or text, wherein we don’t make reference to Buffy or use a line. Among my favorites:

The earth is doomed.”

“If the apocalypse comes, beep me!”

“I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me.”

“I’m a comfortador also.”

“Men with your. . .sales.”

Your loss is my chocolatey gain.”

Angel: Also awesome, as a Buffy spin-off and the way it dovetailed with Buffy and gave us more insight into Buffyesque characters like Cordelia and Wesley. Oh, and Harmony. Plus, it gave Spike a place to go after Buffy ended. Oh, and there was Lorne, the Host, who rocked that green face. But all in all, it was darker, and the ending was not my favorite.

Firefly: We didn’t know what to expect. Cowboys in space? Really? It was a testament to Joss and our trust that we tried it out. And we were blown away. Wow. Again with the characters and the amazing dialogue!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long Blog: Hey, guys! Let’s take Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day (two of the three Buffy alum) and give them this quirky little story and some really kicking music. And then let’s just put it up on the internet, not on TV or the movie. Freaking amazing.

Much Ado About Nothing: Because he IS so freaking cool, Joss and friends frequently sit around and read Shakespeare aloud together. Do I want an invite to his next impromptu Bard Buffet? Oh, yes, I do. But I digress. Joss needed something to take his mind off the complications and stress of making AVENGERS (another favorite) and his wife suggested, “Hey, let’s take 12 days and film a Shakespeare play here at our gorgeous home, with our friends who are actors. It’ll be a hoot.” So maybe I’m paraphrasing but you get it. And that’s what they did, and the fact that the Divine Mr. W did a blockbuster like AVENGERS and a sweet little side piece like MUCH ADO at the same time is exactly why I find him so wonderful. And Much Ado will make you fall in love with Shakespeare all over again. Or for the first time. Whatever.

Is there more Joss goodness? Of course there is. But this is as much as I can fit in tonight, because I have to go back to my own little novel. . .and hope that something Joss-like falls into it.


Peace, love and romance~

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  1. YES! Joss is awesome. Although, his previous stuff is much awesomer than his newer stuff. I’m not a huge fan of Agents of SHIELD. It is just kinda meh. Not as good as his Buffy/Angel, Firefly, or Dollhouse days. I still need to watch Much Ado About Nothing.

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