Literary Addicts Wednesday Meme: Favorite Genre


When I was a freshman in high school, my seat in English class was right in front of the teacher. I always had a reading book, because who knew when there would be down time?

So Mr. Eck got in the habit of checking out what I was reading each day. About a month into the school year, he looked at me and said, “Miss Thompson, you are the most eclectic reader I’ve ever met.”

It’s true. On any given day, I might be deep in a historical romance, an urban fantasy, a post-apocalyptic YA thriller, a spiritual non-fic, a biography of a former Queen of England or an 18th century poet. . .you name it. To say I am not particular about the genre of my reading material is an understatement.

I guess that’s why I am not genre-specific when it comes to writing, either. I enjoyed writing The King Series, which are YA/New Adult urban fantasy, but I’m just as excited now to be writing an adult contemporary romance and a paranormal adult series.

At the moment, I am intrigued with new adult contemporary romance, having read a slew of really good ones. As always, I’m also drawn to paranormal, whether it is YA, new adult or adult.

The great thing about being so versatile is that I’m never bored, and there’s always another book to read. . .or write.

Peace, love and romance~

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  1. I think it’s not so much that I have certain genres I like as much as I have certain genres I have yet to find authors that make me want to read it.

    Like with everything else in my life (music, food, books…), I go through phases. Like I might listen to Metallica for a month straight, then change over to Miranda Lambert. Or I might become obsessed with french bread pizza or tortellini and pesto. I once spent two weeks reading nothing but Janet Evanovich (12 books in a row). But I might immediately move on to Dean Koontz or a paranormal romance.

    It’s really not the genre that piques my interest, though I seem to really enjoy writing paranormal stories, but the storytelling. When I first started reading romance, I was both embarrassed and convinced I wouldn’t like it. And some books I didn’t like. I read a paranormal romance and loved it. Read a historical romance and hated it. But, I’ve since read two other historical romances and enjoyed them as well. So, it’s not as much the genre as the writing. A good writer, storyteller, can take a genre I would never read in a million years and make me not want to put the book down.

  2. I love changing my reading genres as well. I get bored of reading only one, give me a real mix. Loved your Fearless. Can’t wait to get the others in the series.

  3. I’m drawn to various genres too, with only one exception, horror. My first series reflects on my variety, being a YA Romance with both paranormal and historical references thrown into the mix. At any given time I can be reading anything from classical, to non-fiction, to spriritual, to various romance genres….the list is endless. Cannot wait to read your new works.

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