Literary Addicts Stalker Day!




Welcome to Stalker Day Wednesday, the kick off for LITERARY ADDICTS weekly meme!

So which authors do *I* stalk? Hmmm. . .hard to narrow it down. . .

Traditionally pubbed authors first. And the top of that list has to be Diana Gabaldon, because I actually did stalk her way back in the early days of the internet, when she had her email still open to the public. She was (and still is!) sweet and gracious to answer questions and return emails. I stalk her now via Facebook and Twitter. . .mostly to find out when the next book might be coming out.

Next would be Nora Roberts/JD Robb, because again, I’m always waiting on the next book.

Tied for third place would have to be Julia Spencer-Fleming and Mary Balogh .

On to the wonderful world of indie authors. This is in no particular order, but my favorites are Olivia Hardin, Colleen Hoover, Liz Schulte, Jesi Lea Ryan, Stephanie Nelson and C.G. Powell.  Shifty Business, Hopeless, Dark Corners, Arcadia’s Gift, Coveted  and Immortal Voyage. . .ahhhh. . .

I could stalk all day, but sadly, I have some writing to do. . .so until the next releases, I’m slipping back into my shadowy stalking corner!

Peace, love and romance~

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  1. Tawdra I am so happy to see Diana Gabaldon on your list – don’t you just ADORE Jamie Frasier. The next book is coming out late 2013 so I will be doing my annual audio listen of the entire series as a refresher before then! I can honestly say history never interested me nearly as much as it has since the Outlander Series.

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