Life Beyond the Laptop

Most writers tend to be a tad introverted. Even those of us who like to hang out with other people on a regular basis often find ourselves in the midst of a shrinking world with the computer at its center.

And that’s not odd. When you consider that we write our stories, promote our books and interact with our fans there, it stands to reason that most of our hours are spent with fingers on the keyboard and eyes on the screen.

But every now and again, something happens to pull me away from my desk and out of my office chair, and I’m reminded that life does not revolve around the words.

For the past few weeks, my other life has been taking precedent over my writing life. I’ve had opportunities to socialize, meet new people from around the world and enjoy long conversations about topics that don’t cross my mind every day. Or any day.

It’s been both eye-opening and healthy. And while there’s always that itch at the back of mind to get back to the writing, I know that these brief interludes only make me a better and more well-rounded author.

So my lesson for today: no matter what you do on a regular basis, consider stepping outside that box today and doing something different. Go for a walk. Choose a new spot for lunch. Turn off the TV and listen to music. Opt to visit a friend instead of working that extra hour.

Embrace life wherever it leads you.

Peace, love and romance~

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