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The Posse is a book and a story very special to me. It was my first adult book after The King Series, when I wasn’t sure I could actually handle writing for the adult market. I love Jude and Logan and the whole posse, and I love Crystal Cove.

Of course, you know The Posse was supposed to be a stand-alone, but then the rest of the posse didn’t find love in that book . . . at least Cooper didn’t. And then there was poor Emmy Carter, Jude’s weekend night manager, who was all by herself. And Abby, who came into town to run the bed and breakfast . . .

Clearly, there are more stories in the Cove.

So even though it’s not coming out for TWO more months–two!–today’s Teaser Tuesday is from The Plan. I want you to get ready to fall in love with Crystal Cove all over again.


I carried the fries to Cooper and hunted on the shelf under the bar for a bottle of barbecue sauce that I set down next to the plate. He cocked his head.

“You knew about the scotch. And now the barbecue sauce. How did you know that’s what I eat with my fries?”

I hoped my face wasn’t turning red. “I’m gifted at remembering customers’ preference. It’s part of the bartender code. I can’t tell you anything else, or again, I’d have to kill you.”

Cooper laughed. “Like with the pie crust recipe? You, Emmy Carter, are a woman of many secrets.”

Now I was certain I was blushing. “Yep, that’s me. Woman of mystery.”

He picked up one fry and dragged it through a puddle of barbecue sauce. “Tell me, woman of mystery, where are your kids tonight?”

My heart thudded against my ribcage, but I kept my voice cool. “They spend the weekends with my mom and dad. I dropped them off after school today, and I’ll pick them up Sunday morning when I wake up.”

Cooper nodded. “It’s great that you have your folks to help.”

“Yeah.” I couldn’t agree more. “I never would’ve made it this far without them. Well, and Jude and Daniel.”

“Bullshit, Em.” Cooper’s words were heated, but his tone was mild. “You pull your own weight. I’ve seen it. Yeah, you’ve had some people give you a hand, but you’d have made it even without that. You’re strong.”

I blinked back an unexpected rise of moisture in my eyes. I never cried. It was a weakness I couldn’t afford. “Maybe. But I’m glad I never had to test that theory yet.” I wiped the bar down, careful to keep my focus on the rag. “Why’d you want to know about the kids? Were you going to call child protective services on me if I’d left them at home to fend for themselves?”

“No.” Cooper spoke low, and I stopped moving so that I could hear him. “I wanted to know if your house was empty. And if maybe . . . you’d like some company after you finish here.”


Coming June 29th


Peace, love and romance~

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