I’m Reading. . .Until There Was You.

This week, I’m reading Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins.

For me, word of mouth is the best way to find new books and new authors. I count on a small group of people who know my taste and preferences. Last fall, my friend Amanda recommended KH to me. I began with her Blue Heron series, and I was hooked fast. As is typical for me, I went on to devour everything of hers I could find.

I’m now down to her earliest books, and I’m still enjoying them. She has a way of writing strong yet flawed women who are surrounded by amusing–yet all too real–supporting characters, family members and always a dog. I’ve yet to get through one of her books where I haven’t a) laughed out loud (usually in the middle of the night, to the annoyance of my sleeping husband) b) cried real tears–and sometimes ugly cried with sobs and c) sighed at the lovely romance of it all.

These books are more than just love stories. They border on chick-lit, but the very best of that genre–not so much on the angsty, more on the real and amusing. The women have good jobs, they have strong support networks, and they’re close to their families. The men tend to be slightly less-well developed; we’re definitely seeing the world through the female perspective, but it doesn’t make me like the guys any less.

The heat is on in KH’s books, but there’s no detailed sex. It’s fade to black, but I never feel that lack–there’s no doubt that she delivers the sizzle. But if reading the nitty-gritty makes you queasy, no worries here.

If I were you, I’d begin with The Best Man (on sale right now for 99 cents at the ‘zon), Book 1 in the Blue Heron series. And then be prepared to sail through her entire back list–I’m betting you’ll be hooked.

My favorites so far as Catch of the Day and Too Good To Be True. Be sure to come back and tell me what you think. . .or stop in to my Facebook page and let me know. We can chat all things KH!

Until next Wednesday. . .

Peace, love and romance~

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