I’m Reading The Girl I Was Before by Ginger Scott

I’m baaaaack!!

The last six weeks have been filled with releases, promotions, events and other stuff that takes me away from what I really love to do . . . and of course, one of my favorite things to do is share my reading fixes with you!

So last week I was positively giddy, because this book came out. You might remember I fell gaga in love with Ginger Scott’s NA con roms, This is Falling and You and Everything After. I was so excited about this third book, whose heroine was going to be a little tricky: Paige Owens had come across as shallow, vain and selfish in the first two books. (Her twin sister is the lead in Everything After.) I was interested to see how the author would handle this, make Paige likable.

Somehow she does. Not all at once; we don’t find out some deep, dark secret that explains why Paige is the girl she is. We don’t fall in love with her right away. But eventually, slowly, as we see her making decisions and better choices, Paige grows on us.

Houston doesn’t needs to grow on us. We love him from the first time we see him, and perhaps it’s at least partly through his eyes that we come to love Paige, as well.

As with her other books, Scott paints an accurate and believable picture of college life, the people who live on campus and the situations they confront. Happily, we get to spend more time with Ty and Cass as well as Rowe and Nate. It’s like catching up with old friends.

You really should read all three of these books. They’re excellent. . . and I’m hoping maybe there might be more. . .?

Peace, love and romance~

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